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Sarah Cyr

Academic Year

Sophomore 1

Academic Interests

Creative Writing, Literature, Religious/Spiritual Studies

Inspiring Courses I've Taken

That’s such a hard one to answer! I guess one incredibly impactful class was Amer Latif’s, Living in a Broken World: The Power of Ritual Imagination. In the class, we reflected on readings about what makes a ritual a ritual, what affects rituals (like sincerity and repetition) and how it applied to our everyday lives. Amer is an incredibly insightful teacher, so I recommend taking at least one class of his! Another course that was greatly impactful to me was Bronwen Tate’s, To Instruct and Delight: The Practices of Reading, writing seminar. As a creative writing student, I appreciated Bronwen’s attentiveness to aiding students in crafting their skills, whether that be grammatical or content-wise. The topic of reading and its impact also allowed me to delve deeper into understanding what made me want to write in the first place.

Thoughts on Marlboro

It’s a place right out of a dream! I was homeschooled, so this school really reflected what I valued as a student; independence, strong community bonds, responsibility, and intimate academics. Marlboro is definitely not the school for every student, but you can learn a lot from its ideals and its students’ ideals.

Favorite Places on Campus

I love doing my homework in the dining hall. There are plenty of fruits and cereals to eat, and the couches are cozy (with plenty of outlets around!). But my favorite place to hang out is outside the dining hall on the admissions lawn. I’ve watched the sunset and sunrise there countless times. It’s picturesque, and a fun place to thrown a frisbee around.

Goals Before Graduating

Ooh, that’s a hard question. I guess I want to travel with a class somewhere. Perhaps a quaint place to do some writing. I also hope to write enough poetry to create a compilation to publish.

Advice for New Students

This is a small campus, so immerse yourself in it. Participate in Town Meeting, keep yourself up to date on events, adventure around to discover the secrets only students know. This campus, and its people, have so much to give, but can’t share anything if you don’t offer yourself. But sometimes you might get the feeling of being overwhelmed (with schoolwork, committee work, jobs, etc);I learned that you burn yourself out quickly if you try to juggle too much at one time. Remember to take time for yourself, even if you have homework. Watch an episode of your favorite show, take a warm shower, journal, just remember to care for yourself. It will make you a better community member.



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