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Charlie Hickman

Academic Year

Junior 1

Academic Interests

Political theory, dance, and French.

Inspiring Courses I've Taken

The course I have taken that has stuck with me the longest was Spinoza and Freedom with Meg Mott. It opened me up to a whole new world of theory after only studying the ancients before that. That class was actually the stepping-off point for two tutorials where I continued my studies of Spinoza.

Thoughts on Marlboro

I truly love this place! We really care about one another. It amazes me how rich and unique of a community we have here.

Favorite Places on Campus

I love cottage land, especially because you can get right on the trails and explore the forest. My favorite place on campus proper is probably the dining hall, I do some of my best work there, especially in the morning before breakfast is served or other times between meals.

Goals Before Graduating

I really want to help build our community governance. While some of our systems and parts of our bylaws are out of date, I think that this is the time to reinvigorate Town Meeting.

Advice for New Students

Get involved! The best thing you can do is to just show up. Show up to Town Meeting; show up to performances; show up to meals; show up to class!



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