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Lucy Johnston

Academic Year

Junior 1

Academic Interests

Creative Writing, Literature, Theater, Visual Arts

Inspiring Courses I've Taken

One very inspiring class I have taken was a class with Gloria on reading short fiction. Gloria helped me realize all the interesting, wonderful things one can do with their writing. She showed me how sometimes authors have to place trust in their readers that they will do extra work. My favorite authors we read in this class were John Edgar Wideman and James Joyce.

Another inspiring class for me was a woodshop class I took with William last semester. Working with wood seemed so impossible for me when I joined this course, but figuring out how to make every project was so exciting. By the end of the class, I felt like I had a good handle on how to use most of the tools in the shop and it felt cool.

Thoughts on Marlboro

I really cannot imagine myself at any other college besides Marlboro. I love it here, even though it can be isolating at times. When I feel isolated, I turn to my friends and my coursework and it helps pull me out of that place. During my past two years at Marlboro, I have made some of the best friend’s I’ve ever had. We are always there to support one another.

Favorite Places on Campus

When it’s warm outside I love sitting perched on the rocks outside of the OP or lying on the grass in front of the library. Sometimes there is a hammock outside Schrader and I love rocking in it. I also love walking in the woods. I have discovered so many secrets are hidden there.

Goals Before Graduating

To read more, write more, and travel more.

Advice for New Students

I want new students to know how excited everyone is for them to get to campus. New people are exciting!! It can be difficult to make friends with people who aren’t new because they have already lived in such a tight knit community with each other. However, do not be afraid! Most people are here to support you and want to see you succeed. The people that don’t want this don’t matter.



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