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Emerson Koetter

Academic Year

Sophomore 1

Academic Interests

The things that I’m always excited to learn about are music and art (specifically craft work such as ceramics or fiber arts). I am very passionate about making art from things that I can grow and source myself, and love to share my skills and teach others. I feel like Marlboro is a great place to pursue this, given how specific it is.

Inspiring Courses I've Taken

By far the best course I took this year was Gloria’s writing seminar, Art of the Essay. Coming to Marlboro, I lacked experience in my writing and had never written a formal essay. After her class, I felt comfortable with writing essays for my other classes, and my grades have definitely benefited because of it. I also loved Wheel Throwing I and II. It really inspired me both in my ceramics work, and in my other art endeavors. One more class that really stuck with me was Council. I feel like I gained so much skill in staying present and being able to really absorb what people say. I would really recommend it to a first year, because it is really relaxing and gives you a safe space to open up to people as little or as much as you want to, while also knowing that there is a confidentiality agreement.

Thoughts on Marlboro

I love that Marlboro is a place where I can pursue my less than popular interests, and really be myself. I love knowing that I won’t be judged based on what I look like, and I can be safe. I think that it’s also really nice that there’s 24/7 access to most buildings, so you can study at any hour. This is especially nice for me, because I live with two other people.

Favorite Places on Campus

My favorite place on campus is definitely Ragle hall, because that’s where the Steinway piano is. It’s one of the most beautiful sounding pianos I’ve ever played. Another spot I like is the kitchen and common room in All the Way. I do most of my homework there and also cook dinner there almost every night.

Goals Before Graduating

I would really love to get to spread my knowledge about fiber arts and start sharing it with children and build a curriculum around it. I’m not sure what I want to do for plan, but I know it will include fiber arts, and working with young and disabled children. I would also like to have a good amount of the trails around campus memorized by the time I graduate.

Advice for New Students

Talk to Jeremy Holch in the Writers Block! Even if you feel like you’re on top of things, Jeremy is always a huge help in organization, scheduling, and time management. I’ve also learned that it’s good to get help before you desperately need it to save yourself from that pre finals/midterms breakdown. If you want to have fun and/or go swimming, south pond is just off campus, and if you get a chance to go there before it gets cold, it’s absolutely beautiful. Also, I highly recommend getting a meal plan that includes flex bucks for getting food at the coffee shop! For someone that’s a picky eater, it’s always nice to have extra meal options available.



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