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Emmanuel Miller

Academic Year

Sophomore 1

Academic Interests

Molecular biology, Genomics, Spanish and Linguistics, World Studies

Inspiring Courses I've Taken

I feel as though every course I have taken here has inspired me, be that to think in a new way or to serve as a project topic for a different class. Introduction to Biology, taught by Jamie Tanner and Jennifer Ramstetter, along with Biology Lab, taught by Allison Turner, have kindled my love of the natural world. Learning the ways scientists and Marlboro alumni such as Robert MacArthur have pieced together our understanding of reality makes me feel like questions can easily become valued research given the right experimental design. I also cannot state how much studying Spanish with Rosario de Swanson has transformed the way I think about communication. Trying to articulate my thoughts with much less vocabulary has inspired me to think critically about the words I do say and find new ways to interpret their meaning. I can’t omit the tutorial I designed with Meg Mott about Town Meeting. Meg’s analyses and dedication to the Marlboro community inspire me in every Town Meeting to help structure a constructive conversation and understand what it means to be governed.

Thoughts on Marlboro

We are so incredibly lucky that we have the opportunity to know our professors. I am always astounded after meetings that I have the privilege to ask for advice. I also believe that Marlboro embodies the idiom “if there is a will, there is a way.” We have the support to do projects that may be infeasible at larger universities.

Favorite Places on Campus

There are so many nooks on campus, I like many of them. The tables on the second and third floor of the library overlooking the campus are great when you are studying and you need to rest your eyes and look into the distance. When it’s warm, I like sitting on the swing chair in front of the campus center at dawn and listening to the birds. I also really like upstairs Dalrymple because I can walk up and down the flights of stairs while I think.

Goals Before Graduating

I have many goals, so I will only name a few. I would love to be a science tutor. This fall, I want to organize a running club and start a Tango club. By my junior year, I want to get funding from the school for an experiment and have my research published. By the summer of my senior year, I would like to have an NIH grant and have an office in the science building.

Advice for New Students

Reaching out for help is essential for your academic and personal growth, and those around you will meet you with open arms. Being part of a community means that you are tethered to supports, even if you don’t know where to look at first. If you don’t communicate, you are certain to lose your footing. It is essential that you are honest with yourself about your situation. If you can, see Jeremy and Catherine. I am certain that my academic success rides on their unwavering faith in my ability to achieve my goals and Jeremy’s help throughout the semester. Also, make sure to meet with your academic advisor during dedicated hour, and talk with your professors. I savor the conversations that I have over tea and cookies with my advisor, Kate Ratcliff. It is a gift that we are given an hour each week to ruminate on our academic career goals and solicit their feedback. Also, the articles online are right, you really don’t need all the stuff you bring to campus. Make sure to bring lamps and a humidifier, though. Also, please bring your borrowed dishware back to the dinning hall and come to Town Meeting!



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