Day Luis Rodriguez

Academic Year

Junior 2

Academic Interests

Interior design/environmental psychology

Inspiring Courses I've Taken

Writing Seminar: The Art of the Essay, Drag: History, Politics, and Performance, and Social Issues in Community Context.

Thoughts on Marlboro

I like that the buildings here aren’t brick and generic like at many other colleges. The beauty of this campus never ceases to amaze me. Even on a drab day, Marlboro is really cute and unlike anywhere else. I’d say most students on this campus lean towards being introverted, but there’s a definite desire to connect and people are friendly. I appreciate being held accountable for my own success and the execution of my academic goals. Marlboro is perfect for me, but regardless of who you are, this place has an incredible potential to make one grow personally, especially as a writer.

Favorite Places on Campus

Small office space on the top floor of the Snyder art building, poet’s garden, and probably my dorm room because decorating is kinda my thing.

Goals Before Graduating

Complete more internships.

Advice for New Students

  • I’d advise all incoming students to be open to having a conversation with anyone instead of trying to meticulously find “their tribe.” If you make a few close friends, that’s great – but there’s more to life than a small social circle on a hill.
  • Don’t be afraid to only take 13-14 credits your first semester. It’ll undoubtedly be an easier transition to college life.
  • Check your privilege. We all should more often.



(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)