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Sophia Saccente

Academic Year

Sophomore 1

Academic Interests

Writing, Spanish and World Studies

Inspiring Courses I've Taken

One course that I found very inspiring was Experiential Learning Collaboration with the Oglala Lakota People of Pine Ridge Reservation with John Willis. I learned a lot about the injustices the Lakota people face and had an amazing experience visiting the reservation. I also really enjoyed The Contemporary Global Anglophone Novel with Rituparna Mitra. This course introduced me to many new and interesting novels and really made me think about the way western society views the rest of the world.

Thoughts on Marlboro

I really like Marlboro! Being such a small school, it has wonderful sense of community that I really appreciate. I also really enjoy the small class sizes as it allows for a real connection between students and the professors.

Favorite Places on Campus

My favorite place on campus is definitely the dining hall. It is a great place to talk with friends, do some homework or get a bite to eat.

Goals Before Graduating

There’s a lot that I want to accomplish before graduating but one of the main things I want to work on is my writing. While I have seen my writing grow a lot over the past year at Marlboro, there is always room for improvement and I would like to be the best writer I can be. As a spanish and world studies student, I would also like to become fluent in Spanish before I graduate.

Advice for New Students

Marlboro is a wonderful place and there are lots of opportunities to do wonderful things both on and off campus. That being said, time management is a must. It can be easy to put work off and then it piles up very quickly. Be sure to schedule in time for work but also make sure to leave room for down time.



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