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Sarah Sidney

Academic Year

Senior 1

Academic Interests

YA Fantasy Literature and Industry through Creative Writing and American Studies

Inspiring Courses I've Taken

This last semester I took Consumer Culture in Historical Perspective with Kate Ratcliff and it completely changed how I was thinking about my Plan. It also gave me new and exciting terminology for what I want to study as well as a new lens to use for my Plan.

Thoughts on Marlboro

Marlboro is isolated from pretty much every form of suburb or city and partly because of this frequently ends up forming its own microcosm of American society. Also, there are very few people in my experience who truly fit in at Marlboro. We’re an island of misfits and none of us really conform. On the bright side, that means that there’s a way for anyone to belong at Marlboro.

Favorite Places on Campus

Definitely the dining hall. There’s always coffee and hot cocoa there. Also probably the second floor of Dalrymple. I spend a lot of time there.

Goals Before Graduating

Write Plan and figure out where I’m going next (not grad school… yet).

Advice for New Students

Ask questions! No one at Marlboro will think less of you for asking. But especially ask your RA and your Peer Advisor because they were trained to know the answer to your question. Also because they’re almost definitely super friendly!



(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)