For more than 60 years, Marlboro has provided independent thinkers with exceptional opportunities to broaden their intellectual horizons, establish a strong foundation for personal and career fulfillment, and make a positive difference in the world. Each year the college acknowledges and celebrates this growth in its students at commencement events. For students at the undergraduate campus commencement takes place each May in Persons Auditorium. For students in graduate and professional studies programs, which are on a trimester schedule, commencement takes place in August.

“I see our undergraduate liberal arts studies and our graduate and professional studies as one strong, small college,” said Ellen McCulloch-Lovell, Marlboro College president. “We serve different learners with different motivations and varied delivery systems, but all with a common sense of community, integrity, and the value of teaching—that is, to bring out the best in the individual.”

Undergraduate Ceremony, 2015
Graduate Ceremony, 2015