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Class of 2004

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Choya Renata Adkison Stevens   
Bachelor of Arts                                        
An exploration of the family in the United States with an emphasis on changing concepts of good parenting.
PROJECT: Three papers and a photography exhibit. The first paper is an examination of changes in beliefs about good parenting throughout American history. The second is a review of the norms presented in Parenting Magazine.
The third is an exploration of current alternative parenting philosophy and practice, relying on interviews and text analysis. The photography project documents experiences with one family.
Sponsors: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Amy Angell, Vermont College of Union Institute and University

Andrea Belair
Bachelor of Arts
A literary study focusing on signs and structures of meaning in selected literary works including Charles Dickens' Bleak House, Henry James' Portrait of A Lady and Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past . Includes additional component of creative writing.
PROJECT: Paper: Beyond the Fog: Signs, Self and Meaning in Bleak House
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, Laura C. Stevenson
Outside Evaluator: Michael Wolff, University of Massachusetts

Shoshana Leah Bick  
Bachelor of Arts                                                    
A study of communication, identity and madness in women's literature, supported by a collection of short stories and drawings.
PROJECT: A paper on madness and storytelling in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper, Toni Morrison's Beloved and Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea .
Sponsor: Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Joanne Hayes, Greenfield Community College

Heather Ashley Bryce  
Bachelor of Arts                                                  
DANCE & PSYCHOLOGY/Dance Movement Therapy
The use of movement in helping children with developmental disabilities with a focus on autism spectrum disorders.
PROJECT: Dance Performance, "Communication Barriers: The world of the autistic child portrayed through movement and other media."
Sponsors: Dana Holby, Thomas L. Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Heidi Ehrenreich, Dance Movement Therapist

Abigail Martha Case
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies                          
Issues in contemporary anthropological writing with a focus on representing people through life stories and drawings.
PROJECT: A paper exploring life stories, with an emphasis on issues of translation and identity.
Internship: Granada, Spain
Sponsor: Carol E. Hendrickson
Outside Evaluator: Gustavo Mejia, Central Connecticut State University

Rebecca K. Catarelli  
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
HISTORY/Vietnamese Studies
A study of the ways in which educated middle-class women are reshaping gender boundaries in Hanoi, Vietnam.
PROJECT: A paper looking at the creation of identity through consumption among educated middle-class women in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Sponsors: Seth Harter, Kate Jellema
Outside Evaluator: Anne Marie Leshkowich, College of the Holy Cross

Maia Marguerite Ciesluk
Bachelor of Arts                                                
A historical study of social inequality focusing on race and class.
PROJECT: A study of race and racism in U.S. history with an emphasis on residential segregation.
Sponsor: Kathryn E. Ratcliff
Outside Evaluator: Thomas Redden, Southern Vermont College

Justin Van Ebersole             
Bachelor of Arts                                                    
An examination of William Faulkner's work and an exploration of racial identity in the works of Faulkner and Toni Morrison.
PROJECT: A study of Go Down, Moses and racial identity in the novel.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Geraldine Pittman de Batlle
Outside Evaluator: Joanne Hayes, Greenfield Community College

Nomi Alder Elliott
Bachelor of Arts                                                     
An investigation of Tibetans in exile in Dharamsala, India.
PROJECT: A photography exhibit exploring the Tibetan Children's Village, a refugee school in North Dharamsala. A written component consisting of essays concerning Tibetan refugee life and Indian culture and a paper on Thangkas, a form of Tibetan religious painting.
Sponsors: John Willis, Laura C. Stevenson
Outside Evaluator: Alan Dater, Independent Filmmaker

Coral Ellshoff      
Bachelor of Arts                         
A broad study of envrionmental impacts on northern ecosystems, focusing on the Arctic and Cordova, Alaska.
PROJECT: A paper surveying current and predicted impacts of climate change on North American Arctic ecosystems, drawing on traditional scientific knowledge and traditional ecological knowledge of northern residents.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, James A. Tober
Outside Evaluator: Hector Galbraith, CEO, Galbraith Environmental Sciences

Jessica Leete Werner Flannery         
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies         
An exploration of the international influence on healthcare in Vietnam. A major paper on the role of foreign aid in healthcare in Vietnam. Supporting papers on the historical development of healthcare in Vietnam and on employment projects for people with disabilities in Vietnam.
PROJECT: A study of the role of foreign aid in healthcare in Vietnam.
Internship: Hanoi, Vietnam
Sponsors: Gerald E. Levy, Lynette Rummel, Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Janaki Natarajan, School for International Training

Joseph Rogers Floyd
Bachelor of Arts                         
A Weberian analysis of Evangelical Protestantism in Latin America.
PROJECT: A series of papers focusing on the rise of Evangelical Protestantism within the context of capitalist modernity.
Sponsor: Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: David Stoll, Middlebury College

Kimberly Ann Fox
Bachelor of Arts                                                       
An exploration of the theory and practice of museum work with a focus on Latin American case studies.
PROJECT: One paper provides an overview of contemporary museum studies theory. Two exhibition scripts. The first for an on-line exhibit analyzing race, class and gender issues in 19th century Mexico; the second for a gallery exhibit investigating the intersection of religion and tourism in Afro-Cuban dance performance.
Sponsors: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, Carol E. Hendrickson
Outside Evaluator: Morgan Perkins, SUNY Potsdam

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Forrest Gardner      
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
A study of the human relationship with nature in North America, with emphasis on literary and scientific perspectives.
PROJECT: Two papers. One examining the human relationship with nature in Anglo-American literature, the other examining the same theme in Native American literature.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Robert E. Engel, Laura C. Stevenson
Outside Evaluator: Robert Siegel, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Eliot Goodwin       
Bachelor of Arts                                                    

PLAN: A study of environmental valuation and environmental building design.
PROJECT: A paper on economic valuation of the environment with a focus on contingent valuation studies.
Sponsors: James A. Tober, Timothy J. Segar
Outside Evaluator: Jan Dizard, Amherst College

Sarah Dorothy Grant
Bachelor of Arts                                                      
BIOLOGY/Plant Ecology and Agriculture
A study of plant ecology and agriculture, with focuses on intercropping and disturbance.
PROJECT: An experiment and literature review on intercropping, drawing on Native American intercropping practices.
Sponsor: Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluator: Jane Mt. Pleasant, Cornell University

Emily Morris Graves
Bachelor of Arts                                                
FILM/VIDEO STUDIES/Media Theory and Criticism
A study of contemporary performance in American popular culture, with a focus on film and television talk shows.
PROJECT: Two papers. The first is an examination of representations of film and the film-making process in America. The second is an examination of viewing audience interaction with television talk shows.
Sponsors: Jay Craven, John Sheehy, Dana P. Howell
Outside Evaluator: Kenneth Peck, Public Television Commentator

Heather Lynne Greenwood
Bachelor of Arts                                                
PSYCHOLOGY/Environmental Studies
A study in psychology and environmental studies examining human-environmental interactions through outdoor education and environmentalism.
PROJECT: A paper informed by fieldwork, a survey and analysis of the processes by which people become familiar with and connected to their environment.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Thomas L. Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Julie Brooks, Point Park College

Alaina Bray Hammond
Bachelor of Arts                                                    

PLAN: An exploration of the ways in which literature can resolve conflicting philosophical theories using the moral philosophies of Kant and Nietzsche as illustrations.
PROJECT: A paper comparing Kant's and Nietzsche's moral philosophies and their reconciliation in the aesthetic image. A paper consisting of a philosophical analysis of Sartre's No Exit .
Sponsor: Neal O. Weiner  
Outside Evaluator: David Roochnik, Boston University

David Hassan        
Bachelor of Arts                                                    
PHOTOGRAPHY/ Enviromental Studies

PLAN: A study of U.S. agricultural labor and practices through photography and environmental studies.
PROJECT: A documentary photography exhibit on Jamaican seasonal laborers.
Sponsors: John Willis, James A. Tober
Outside Evaluator: Kevin Bubriski, Artist

James Bradford Morgan Heck  
Bachelor of Arts                                             
A technical and theoretical study of the aesthetics and techniques involved in cinematography.
PROJECT: Two papers, the first exploring the technical aspects of cinema, and the second examining professional cinematographer Darius Khondji's use of these techniques throughout his work. Directing photography and lighting for two short films.
Sponsors: Jay Craven, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Peter Nelson, Cinematographer

Matthew James Hnatio   
Bachelor of Arts                                                  
SOCIOLOGY/ Political Economy
A study of privatization in the globalizing political economy focusing on Vietnam and the former Soviet Union.
PROJECT: A study of privatization in Vietnam.
Sponsors: Gerald E. Levy, Kate Jellema
Outside Evaluator: Thomas Gottschang, College of the Holy Cross

Alexis Katkevich    
Bachelor of Arts                                                    
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES/Plant Biology and Visual Arts
Work based in field experiences in Panama and includes a paper on ethnobotanical palms, another on neotropical forest ecology and conservation, and a visual arts project exploring scientific drawing and printing mediums.
PROJECT: A paper based on field research concerning ethnobotanical plants in Panama.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Cathy Osman
Outside Evaluator: Beth Kaplin, Antioch New England Graduate School

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Allison Dana Lennox  
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
A study that weaves together elements of horticultural therapy, community and sustainable agriculture.   The project focuses on therapeutic communities that incorporate farming and gardening into their healing approach, and is supplemented by a thorough examination of biodynamic agriculture.   Data from a field experiment designed to test the efficacy of the biodynamic techniques is also presented and discussed.
PROJECT: An investigation of the horticultural therapy concept, and a series of three ethnographic portraits of farm-based therapeutic communities in New England, whose mission it is to treat mental illness, substance abuse and
developmental disabilities.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Gerald E. Levy
Outside Evaluator: Sarah Flack, Independent Consultant

Alisa Marie Loveman   
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies                       
An exploration of NGOs and civil society in international development with a focus on Thailand.
PROJECT: An examination of transnational advocacy networks using the Thai Jasmine Rice Campaign as a case study.
Internship: Khan Kaen, Thailand
Sponsors: Lynette Rummel, Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Sue Darlington, Hampshire College

Jenny Paula Marchand                           
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
THEATER/Visual Arts
An investigation of the notion of "character" and how representations or impressions of character are conveyed to an audience through theater and visual art.
PROJECT: A performance piece delving into explorations of character.
Sponsors: Paul D. Nelsen, Timothy J. Segar
Outside Evaluator: Leonard Berkman, Smith College

Nicholas Francis Masiuk  
Bachelor of Arts                                               
PLAN: A study of musical analysis, with a focus upon compositional process in Beethoven's late piano sonatas.
PROJECT: An analysis of Opus 110.
Sponsors: Stanley Charkey, Luis C. Batlle
Outside Evaluator: Christina Fuhrmann, Ashland University

Jessamyn Stearns Mayher  
Bachelor of Arts                                               
A theoretical examination of slavery and its legacy in Africa and the Diaspora. Also a photography exhibition on the topic of remembering slavery.
PROJECT: An examination of the role of theory, discourse and slavery in "Third World" underdevelopment with a focus on Ghana.
Sponsors: Lynette Rummel, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Nikoi Kote-Nikoi, School for International Training

Colin Wayne Meckel   
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
An examination of the American Civil War with particular emphasis on strategy and tactics.
PROJECT: Critical study of the generalship of Ulysses S. Grant, with particular emphasis on the Vicksburg and Overland campaigns.
Sponsor: Timothy F. Little
Outside Evaluator: Mark Stoler, University of Vermont

Bradford J. Morith
Bachelor of Arts                                                      
A musicological analysis of the evolving classical music language from 1730 to 1830.
PROJECT: Two papers: "The Musical Language of the High-Baroque and the Viennese Classical Music Style" and   "The Evolution of the High-Classical Piano Sonata and Sonata Forms."
Sponsor: Luis C. Batlle
Outside Evaluator: Christina Fuhrmann, Ashland University

Patrick Edward Murdough
Bachelor of Arts                                                
A study of the modern body modification subculture and social interactions among those who associate themselves with the subculture. Emphasis will be placed on social territoriality and defining one's membership and
involvement with the body art industry.
PROJECT:   A paper applying social territoriality theory as it applies to the aforementioned subculture.   The paper will address everyday interactions between individuals, both within the subculture and outside of it, including relations between different body modification artists and shops and their alliances and rivalries.
Sponsor: Gerald E. Levy
Outside Evaluator: C.J. Churchill, St. Thomas Aquinas College

Jennifer Musi     
Bachelor of Arts                                                    
An investigation of primal forms in both ceramic sculpture and printmaking.
PROJECT: A series of sculptures and prints that investigate primal shapes and figures. Two papers. The first paper examines Robert Rauschenberg's methods to create an integrated pictorial surface. The second paper is a visual and
iconographic analysis of the ceramic sculpture of ancient west Mexico (Jalisco, Nayarit and Colima) with an emphasis on female figures.
Sponsors: Timothy J. Segar, Cathy Osman, Michael Boylen
Outside Evaluator: Mary Barringer, Associate Editor, Studio Potter magazine

Jodi Nemser-Abrahams
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
POLITICAL SCIENCE/Latin American Studies/Spanish
A study of revolution in Latin America with a focus on Cuba and Nicaragua.
PROJECT: Two papers. The first explores theories of modern revolutions. The second applies these theories to the Cuban and Nicaraguan revolutions.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Lynette Rummel, Edmund M. Brelsford
Outside Evaluator: Thomas Redden, Southern Vermont College

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Heather Frances Phillips
Bachelor of Arts                                                
An intensive study of gay and lesbian life in Elizabethan England with a focus on the theater. This includes papers on Kit Marlowe's Edward II , Shakespeare's Sonnets, and gay/lesbian culture within the larger Elizabethan
cultural context.
PROJECT: Writing and directing an original play based on mythology surrounding Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and presenting a fictionalized view of Elizabethan gay subculture.
Sponsors: Paul D. Nelsen, Timothy F. Little
Outside Evaluator: Peter Saccio, Dartmouth College

Marc L. Pilaro        
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
An investigation of representation and the creation of content through different styles of modern and contemporary art.
PROJECT:   An exhibition of photographic street portraits and abstractions.
Sponsors: John Willis, Felicity RattÈ, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Cecilia Hirsch, Greenfield Community College

Danielle Margaretha Pipher
Bachelor of Arts                                             
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES/Ethnobotany and Women's Studies
An interdisciplinary study of health focusing on the use of traditional plant medicine in East Africa and practice of childbirth in the U.S. and Kenya.
PROJECT: Ethnobotany in East Africa focusing on medicinal plants and traditional medicine in Kenya.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Kathryn E. Ratcliff
Outside Evaluator: Mary Bove, Brattleboro Naturopathic Clinic

Philip David Pool  
Bachelor of Science                                                  
A combined study of biochemistry and neuroscience focusing on cell-to-cell communication during neural differentiation.
PROJECT: An exploration of the biochemical events mediating the creation of new neurons, including: mechanisms that influence neural development in the early embryo, independent laboratory research on the developmental pathway Notch, and the therapeutic potential of the adult brain's capacity to produce new neurons.
Sponsor: Todd Smith
Outside Evaluator: Matthew Rand, University of Vermont

Joseph Tristain Powning
Bachelor of Arts                                                
A study of urban sociology as a background for an original science fiction novel, with three supporting research papers on crime, socialization and the effects of socialization in an urban environment, considered in relation to a
critical analysis of urban science fiction.
PROJECT: A science fiction novel set in a radically decadent urban future.
Sponsors: T. Hunter Wilson, Gerald E. Levy
Outside Evaluator: Sharyn Layfield, Vermont College

Teal Ashley Pulsifer   
Bachelor of Arts                                                 
An investigation of electrophotography, integrating history, physics and aesthetics.
PROJECT: A paper tracing the history of electrophotography, emphasizing its place in the discourse of science. A paper detailing the physics of gas discharges in the creation of electrophotographic images. A gallery exhibition
of photographs produced by the "Kirlian" electrophotographic technique.
Sponsors: John Willis, Travis Norsen, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Bernard Williams, University of Kansas

Katherine Purcell    
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
A Plan in the visual arts and literature. Work in the visual arts explores portraiture and the human form through works on paper. Work in literature examines Toni Morrison's Beloved and slave narratives as a way of investigating themes of suffering. Digital media element investigates themes of suffering and narrative through text and image.
PROJECT: An exhibition of original artwork exploring portraiture.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, Geraldine Pittman de Batlle
Outside Evaluator: Rosemarie Bernardi, Keene State College

Joseph S. Reed     
Bachelor of Arts                                                     
A study of the public sphere in American democracy.
PROJECT: Two papers. One on republicanism and democracy in America, and one exploring the public sphere in philosophical/political tradition.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Neal O. Weiner
Outside Evaluator: Jed Donelan, Franklin Pierce College

Imelda Reilly   
Bachelor of Arts                             
BIOLOGY/Animal Behavior & VISUAL ARTS/Enclosure Design
A fusion of biology and design in an effort to improve conservation and research programs in zoological parks, with special attention to Galliform birds.
PROJECT: Two components.   A paper exploring animal perception and "reality," as it is informed by a comparative neurological analysis of specific vertebrate brain structures and their relationship to behavioral complexity, and a set of designs for an ideal "pheasantry," designed for Galliform species housed in a zoological park.
Sponsors: Robert E. Engel, Timothy J. Segar
Outside Evaluator: Nancy Howard, University of Massachusetts, Independent Landscape Architect

Joy Amaryllis Robbins
Bachelor of Arts                                                  
A study of narrative technique explored in 19th and 20th century literature, and in orginal creative work.
PROJECT: A paper analyzing the use of narrative consciousness in the works of Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, T.S. Eliot, and Italo Calvino, and an exploration of narrative through the creation of original fiction, poetry, and choreography.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Laura C. Stevenson
Outside Evaluator: Franklin Reeve, Weslyan University

Douglas Adam Scheuring  
Bachelor of Arts                                                
A study of how philosophic authors use epistemology to form a style of writing with which they can better convey the content of their work to its reader, specifically focusing on cases involving heavy use of irony.
PROJECT: A paper looking closely at the relationship between Plato's epistemology and his philosophy of writing.
Sponsors: Neal O. Weiner, Heather Clark
Outside Evaluator: David Roochnik, Boston University

Cullen Brooke Schneider   
Bachelor of Arts                                              

PLAN: The use of photography and political science to examine the socio-economic, political and cultural issues facing a fishing community on the coast of Maine.
PROJECT: A photography project focusing on the lives of the fishermen and the community they live in. A paper exploring the problems facing the community and how and why they exist.
Sponsors: John Willis, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Jim Dow, Tufts University, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  

Joshua Emerson Shippee
Bachelor of Arts                                                  
A compilation of paintings and sculpture concerned with the nature of visual abstraction and an investigation into the works of art by Roberto Matta.
PROJECT: Exhibition of original art work consisting of painting and sculpture.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, Timothy J. Segar
Outside Evaluator: Joel Longenecker, Mount Holyoke College

Samuel T. Soule       
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
The creation of a fantastic world with consistent rules and cultures, and a story taking place within that world. Creation of an artificial language within the world.
PROJECT: An original novella.
Sponsors: Edmund M. Brelsford, T. Hunter Wilson
Outside Evaluator: Charlene Ellis, Vermont College

Sharleen Stinger     
Bachelor of Arts                                                   
A critique of contemporary U.S. society using Nietzschean metaphors and visual arts.
PROJECT: A paper applying Nietzsche's Three Metamorphoses of Spirit to contemporary political movements.   An exhibit of visual art based in social critique.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Timothy J. Segar
Outside Evaluator: Ted Donelan, Franklin Pierce College

Sarah Ann Swift        
Bachelor of Arts                                                 
An examination of alternative models of care for the dying and bereaved with a focus on hospice. In addition, a series of photographic quilts and images affirming life during the aging, dying, and grieving processes.
PROJECT: An ethnographic essay of St. Christopher's Hospice Day Centre in London, England, analyzing the role of palliative care in maintaining the social lives of the patients.
Sponsors: Gerald E. Levy, John Willis, Thomas L. Toleno
Outside Evaluator: C. J. Churchill, St. Thomas Aquinas College

Jamie Alyssa Tarajkowski  
Bachelor of Arts                                              
A study of the human immunodeficiency virus: genetic diversity, interactions with the human immune system and laboratory research on the placenta as a barrier to HIV transmission.
PROJECT: A description of the human immunodeficiency virus and its genetic diversity.
Sponsors: Todd Smith
Outside Evaluator: Bryan Marsh, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Elizabeth Jane Theis  
Bachelor of Arts                                                  
An exploration of the relationship between corporate media and democratic expression.
PROJECT: One documentary film, two papers. The film focuses on grassroots alternative media groups that advocate for the democratic integrity of the mass media. The first paper discusses overarching theories in the study of mass media. The second paper investigates mainstream media coverage of the anti-globalization movement.
Sponsors: Jay Craven, Kathryn E. Ratcliff
Outside Evaluator: Robert Williams, Media Critic

Claudia Lynn Watson      
Bachelor of Arts                                                
HISTORY/ East Asian Studies
A historical study of women's power and influence in East Asia.
PROJECT: A paper that utilizes courtly gender relations as a framework for understanding Heian Japan.
Sponsors: Seth Harter, Timothy F. Little
Outside Evaluator: Thomas Rohlich, Smith College

Quincy Adams Worthington      
Bachelor of Arts               
POLITICAL SCIENCE/Religion and Social Movements
An exploration of the roles of religion in social justice.
PROJECT: A study of the theology of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his impact on society.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: John Grayson, Mount Holyoke College

Nora Ishbel Zale   
Bachelor of Arts                                                     
A comparative study of the arts in United States and New Zealand with a pedagogical focus on photography and theater.
PROJECT: A photographic exhibit including personal imagery and visual representations of students' work in theater and photography.
Sponsors: John Willis, Gerald E. Levy, Holly Derr
Outside Evaluator: Craig Stockwell, Vermont College




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