Plans of Concentration

E. Joy Auciello
Bachelor of Arts
A study of the relationship between sustainability and community living using ethnographic writing and formal assessment systems.
Sponsors: Carol Hendrickson, Matthew Ollis
Outside Evaluator: Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Director of Planning and Community Development, City of Montpelier

Sam Auciello
Bachelor of Arts
COMPUTER SCIENCE/Programming Languages
A broad study of computer science with a focus on programming languages.
Sponsor: Jim Mahoney
Outside Evaluator: Brandt Kurowski, Logic Branch Productions, LLC

Alexia C. Boggs
Bachelor of Arts
An experiment in analyzing the role of deliberation, focusing on the Supreme Court and the fate of Muammar Gadaffi.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Lynette Rummel
Outside Evaluator: Scott McLean, Quinnipiac University

Taylor Monique Burrows
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the social and political roots of genocide in Yugoslavia and Rwanda, with a subsequent examination of the major impediments to humanitarian intervention at the United Nations.
Sponsors: Lynette Rummel, Dana Howell, Gerald Levy
Outside Evaluator: James Waller, Keene State College

Thea Cabreros
Bachelor of Arts
A comparison of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s and Albert Camus’ ethical views, and a photographic consideration of unity and paradox.
Sponsors: John Willis, Geraldine Pittman de Batlle
Outside Evaluator: Jonathan Gitelson, Keene State College

Caitlyn Rose Charles
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
An investigation of the causes and possible solutions to the current environmental crisis through the lenses of psychology, religion and environmental studies.
Sponsors: Amer Latif, Thomas Toleno, Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluator: Joseph Markowski, Green Mountain College

Zachary Andrew Chilcote
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
ASIAN STUDIES/Contemporary Chinese Society
A series of papers discussing power dynamics and social mobility in contemporary urban Beijing.
Internship: Beijing, China
Sponsors: Seth Harter, Grant Li
Outside Evaluator: Suzanne Zhang-Gottschang, Smith College

Alexandra Ciampoli
Bachelor of Arts
HISTORY/Medieval Studies & LITERATURE/Medieval Literature
An investigation into the ever-shifting lines between religious orthodoxy, fanaticism and the heretical in the late Medieval period, with a focus on Elizabeth of Spaalbeck, the Beguines and English mystical traditions.
Sponsors: Adam Franklin-Lyons, Richard Glejzer
Outside Evaluator: Susan Wade, Keene State College

Joan Michelle Coles
Bachelor of Arts
An examination of depression, considering diagnosis, therapeutic treatment, and antidepressant medication.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Todd Smith
Outside Evaluator: Nels Kloster, psychiatrist

Emily L. Cox
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of musical theater as a part of American culture with particular attention given to the role of musical theater in secondary education.
Sponsors: Paul Nelsen, Kathryn Ratcliff
Outside Evaluator: Edward Isser, College of the Holy Cross

Chad Daniels
Bachelor of Science
PHYSICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE/Computational Physics
A study of the principles of statistical and quantum mechanics with a focus on their role in systems of many particles.
Sponsors: Sara Salimbeni, Jim Mahoney
Outside Evaluator: Juan Burciaga, Mount Holyoke College

Morgan Ellyse Donhoff
Bachelor of Arts
A critical analysis of Sylvia Plath’s stylized poetics and a series of related artworks.
Sponsors: Heather Clark, Timothy Segar
Outside Evaluator: Joanne Hayes, Greenfield Community College

Isaac Dupree
Bachelor of Arts
COMPUTER SCIENCE/Collaborative Programming
An inquiry into collaborative programming through a series of essays and coding projects.
Sponsors: Jim Mahoney, John Sheehy, Carol Hendrickson
Outside Evaluator: Andrew Cencini, Bennington College

Noah Joseph Farlee
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of comics and graphic novels as unique art objects that combine literature and visual artistry in equal measure.
Sponsors: Gloria Biamonte, Cathy Osman
Outside Evaluator: Jon Chadurjian, The Center for Cartoon Studies

Shyloh Fawn Favreau
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of bees through visual arts and biology, including bee ecology, conservation, and architecture.
Sponsors: Timothy Segar, Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluator: Mary Lum, Bennington College

Dane Fredericks
Bachelor of Arts
An examination of the theme of escape in American literature, focusing on Mark Twain, Flannery O’Connor, and Cormac McCarthy.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Martha Ackman, Mount Holyoke College

Esperanza Friel
Bachelor of Arts
DANCE/Choreography & WRITING/Short Fiction
A study of narrative in both fiction and dance.
Sponsors: Kristin Horrigan, Brian Mooney
Outside Evaluator: Sara Smith, interdisciplinary artist

Jonathan Hughes Fryer
Bachelor of Arts
A study of evil or monstrous beings of the Western world including the character of the devil in the Abrahamic faiths, the role of demons in late medieval magic and the appearance of demon-like figures in gothic literature.
Sponsors: Amer Latif, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Michael Pittman, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Ashley Gray
Bachelor of Arts
Through painting, works on paper and ceramics, an investigation on how appearances of the ordinary are transformed by the play of light, texture, and focus.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, Martina Lantin
Outside Evaluator: Elizabeth Myersohn, Smith College

Eva Grimaldi
Bachelor of Arts
A study of visual arts and sociology that compares punk culture in social behavior and art making.
Sponsors: Timothy Segar, Gerald Levy
Outside Evaluator: Elizabeth Alexander, Monserrat College of Art

Nicole Haeger
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the relationships between humans and plants in Latin America and Europe, and the role these interactions play in traditional healing methods that could be described as shamanism or witchcraft.
Sponsors: Carol Hendrickson, Adam Franklin-Lyons, Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluator: Abigail Adams, Central Connecticut State University

Robin Harney
Bachelor of Arts
VISUAL ARTS & HISTORY/Medieval Studies
A body of artwork based on traditional fairy tales incorporating influences from medieval manuscript illumination.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Lauren Mills, independent artist

Nikki Haug
Bachelor of Arts
A study on how the poetry of Robert Browning and Lord Alfred Tennyson critiques materialism, with a focus on the theory of evolution via natural selection.
Sponsors: Richard Glejzer, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Martha Bohrer, North Central College

Raven Peter Hetzler
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of economic rent-seeking, the methodology of economics and the role that narratives play in economic theorizing.
Sponsor: James Tober
Outside Evaluator: Daniel Barbezat, Amherst College

Alexander Hiam
Bachelor of Arts
A study of classical computer science algorithms and techniques as applied to embedded digital systems through the design and fabrication of open source hardware.
Sponsor: Jim Mahoney
Outside Evaluator: Chuck Malloch, independent engineer

Madelyn Erin Holm
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate in Nonprofit Management
LIBERAL STUDIES/Education and Ceramics
An examination of mandatory community service in primary and secondary education, and the production and analysis of socially engaged ceramics.
Sponsors: Ken Schneck, Martina Lantin
Outside Evaluator: Nicole Nemec, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Aleksandrs Kaspars Jaunzemis
Bachelor of Arts
An examination of Japanese culture and American identity as both are revealed by travel and its aftermath, conducted through historical analysis, photography and creative nonfiction.
Sponsors: John Willis, Seth Harter, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Jim Dow, Tufts University, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Kalie Kamara
Bachelor of Arts
POLITICS/African-American Studies
An exploration of the political teachings of Plato, Aristotle, and Machiavelli with respect to the morality of hip-hop music.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Rosario de Swanson
Outside Evaluator: Etan Nasreddin-Longo, independent scholar

Lila Rose Kole-Berlingieri
Bachelor of Arts
An investigation of the role of art and narrative in realizing selfhood through an analysis of works by Marcel Proust and Virginia Woolf, supported by a visual art component.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, Cathy Osman
Outside Evaluator: Jules Chametzky, University of Massachusetts Amherst, emeritus

Evan Lamb
Bachelor of Arts
A distillation of the new artistic practices of immersion theater, with a focus on the imagery, narrative structure and performance tactics of Sleep No More.
Sponsor: Paul Nelsen
Outside Evaluator: Edward Isser, College of the Holy Cross

Clare Llewelyn Linsdale-Riley
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of landscape systems considered through a biological and sculptural lens, with a focus on the ecology of urban spaces and land-based sculpture.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Timothy Segar
Outside Evaluator: Jessica Cuni, Green Mountain College

Cora Marie Lively
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the effects of neoliberal economics on U.S. immigration policy and civil rights discourse.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Katherine Rickenbacker
Outside Evaluator: Sima Shakhsari, Wellesley College

Matthew Paul Llarena
Bachelor of Arts
An analysis of the character of the narrator in The Brothers Karamazov for the sake of accessing another layer of Dostoevsky’s authorial discourse.
Sponsor: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle
Outside Evaluator: Melissa Frazier, Sarah Lawrence College

Evan Austin Lorenzen
Bachelor of Arts
An investigation of visual and technological appropriation as a means to engage the viewer within the context of animation.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, Hilary Baker, Carol Hendrickson
Outside Evaluator: Patricia Galuis-Assmus, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Allen Magaña
Bachelor of Arts
MUSIC/Music History & LANGUAGES/Latin American Studies: Spanish
A study of the musical practices in the Franciscan missions in the Alta California territory of New Spain in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Sponsors: Stanley Charkey, Rosario de Swanson
Outside Evaluator: Robert Eisenstein, Mount Holyoke College

Cailin Marsden
Bachelor of Arts
ANTHROPOLOGY/Medical Anthropology
A cross-cultural exploration of pregnancy and childbirth with a focus on flows of obstetrical knowledge, ethnographic writing and inter-subjectivity.
Sponsor: Carol Hendrickson
Outside Evaluator: Sienna Craig, Dartmouth College

Daniel P. Mellman
Bachelor of Arts
LITERATURE/Interactive Fiction/Classical Studies & WRITING
An exploration of the genre of interactive fiction, combining literary and historical analysis and incorporating original creative work.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, T. Hunter Wilson, Brian Mooney, Evelyn Richardson
Outside Evaluator: Ethan Gilsdorf, writer

William Pinkney Simons Mikell
Bachelor of Science
BIOLOGY/Human Physiology, Science Writing
A review of the anatomical and physiological effects of running on the human skeleton and an examination of modern running techniques and technologies.
Sponsors: Jaime Tanner, Kyhl Lyndgaard
Outside Evaluator: Joseph Hamill, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Gordon Richard Morse IV
Bachelor of Arts
ASIAN STUDIES/Japanese Education and HISTORY
A study of history and pedagogy focusing on the Japanese educational model through its examination framework, cultural values and history textbooks.
Sponsors: Seth Harter, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Mark Lincicome, College of the Holy Cross

Jesse Mike Nesser
Bachelor of Arts
CULTURAL HISTORY/International and Political Conflict & FILM/VIDEO STUDIES/Documentary Studies
An investigation, through documentary film, academic papers, and a screenplay, of cultural perceptions of political conflict and how these perceptions are influenced and shaped by media.
Sponsors: Dana Howell, Jay Craven, Paul Nelsen
Outside Evaluator: Leonard Berkman, Smith College

Joshua Tyler Petersen
Bachelor of Arts
FILM/VIDEO STUDIES/Visual Aesthetics
An exploration of the myriad branches of feature film and music video through the niche lens of the behind-the-scenes and B-roll content.
Sponsor: Jay Craven
Outside Evaluator: Nora Jacobson, Off the Grid Productions

Charles Vincent Pillette
Bachelor of Arts
A written exploration of the conflicts of meaning in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the visual language of war monuments, and the perceived and actual experiences of military veterans.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, Brian Mooney, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Madeleine Blais, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sean Pyles
Bachelor of Arts
A study of radical and normative theories of journalism, including the role played by radical alternative media in periods of democratic tension.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Lynette Rummel
Outside Evaluator: Mark Roessler, editor-journalist Valley Advocate

Evan Bakewell Sachs
Bachelor of Arts
A study of ecological design and photography, exploring topics of systems thinking, the built environment and humans’ relationship to the natural world.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Charles Laurel, permaculturist

Elliot Samuel-Lamm
Bachelor of Arts
LIBERAL STUDIES/Brewing Studies & FILM/VIDEO STUDIES/Documentary Film
A holistic approach to the study of brewing, using history, microbiology and chemistry, film and the production of actual beers.
Sponsors: Adam Franklin-Lyons, Jay Craven, Todd Smith
Outside Evaluator: Christopher Jarvis, Hampshire College

Christina Schneider
Bachelor of Arts
An examination of identity, memory and the reconciliation of our lived experience with its external manifestations through philosophical exploration, photographic self-portraiture and collage work.
Sponsors: John Willis, William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: Amy Montali, Rhode Island College

Aerika Shamlin
Bachelor of Arts
A study of shark genetics that shows how evolution underlies molecular genetics techniques for species identification and studies of genetic diversity.
Sponsors: Todd Smith, Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluator: Cynthia Hays, Keene State College

Tristan Dirk Stamm
Bachelor of Arts
An exhibition of artwork and an accompanying scientific study connecting ecological processes with personal reflections on the nature of survival.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluator: Jessica Cuni, Green Mountain College

Nicholas Lambert Stefan
Bachelor of Arts
ASIAN STUDIES/Chinese Nationalism
A coherent study of Chinese nationalism and patriotism since 1966.
Sponsors: Seth Harter, Grant Li
Outside Evaluator: Orion Lewis, Middlebury College

Jessica Stout
Bachelor of Arts
LITERATURE/British & HISTORY/Women’s History
An examination of feminine identity in literature and history with a focus on the works of Jane Austen, George Eliot and Virginia Woolf.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Jules Chametzky, University of Massachusetts Amherst, emeritus

Peter Sullivan
Bachelor of Arts
POLITICS/Environmental Studies
An investigation of alternatives to conventional environmentalist thinking, focusing on critical perspectives on technology.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, James Tober
Outside Evaluator: Christian Parenti, School for International Training

Kelsa Emmanuelle Summer
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate in Nonprofit Management
ECONOMICS/Development & POLITICS/Development
A study of the economics and politics of development and social change with a focus on organizational forms, incorporating fieldwork from South Africa and Kenya.
Sponsors: James Tober, Lynette Rummel
Outside Evaluator: James Levinson, Tufts University

Melinda Tenenzapf
Bachelor of Arts
A promotional documentary on an American organization supporting African schools, and a written political analysis of development policy and theory during the Cold War.
Sponsors: Jay Craven, Lynette Rummel
Outside Evaluator: Bess O’Brien, independent artist

Scott David Weaver
Bachelor of Arts
LIBERAL STUDIES/Latin American Studies
An interdisciplinary examination of the origins of violence in contemporary Mexican governance and public life.
Sponsors: Carol Hendrickson, Rosario de Swanson
Outside Evaluator: Michael Clancy, University of Hartford

Edward Regan White
Bachelor of Arts
A collection of experiments examining the ghostly forces that shape and move private and political bodies, using political theory and photography.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Jim Dow, Tufts University, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Henry C. White
Bachelor of Arts
FILM/VIDEO STUDIES/Medievalism in modern cinema & HISTORY/Medieval Studies
An examination of both historic and pop culture representations of the medieval world, focusing on medieval chronicles and modern cinema.
Sponsors: Paul Nelsen, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Carl James Grindley, Hostos Community College, City University of New York

Margaret Ann Hutslar Wood
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate in Nonprofit Management
LIBERAL STUDIES/Education and Gender Studies
A study of sexuality education and how it relates to social inequality through a comparison of education provided in public schools to that provided in community-based organizations.
Sponsors: Ken Schneck, Renee Byrd
Outside Evaluator: Gary Kelly, Clarkson University

Anna Claire Woodward
Bachelor of Arts
PSYCHOLOGY/Education & Child Development
An exploration of early childhood education by examining the ideals of Waldorf pedagogy and the significance of play in child development.
Sponsor: Thomas Toleno
Outside Evaluator: Laura Tucker, New England Youth Theatre

Elias Zeidan
Bachelor of Arts
COMPUTER SCIENCE & LANGUAGES/Computational Linguistics
An investigation of natural language processing and machine translation.
Sponsors: Jim Mahoney, Grant Li
Outside Evaluator: Jason Naradowsky, University of Massachusetts