2014 Plans of Concentration

Fiifelo Aganga              
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate in Nonprofit Management
ECONOMICS/Development Studies
A study of Africa's development history with a focus on Nigeria and financial systems.
Project: A paper on the development history of Africa, using Nigeria as a case study.
Sponsors: James Tober, Lynette Rummel
Outside Evaluator: Geoffrey Bergen, consultant for World Bank

David William Amato
Bachelor of Arts
AMERICAN STUDIES/Urban History/Journalism
Essays analyzing how the culture and politics of the post World War II era shaped the built environment, using three case studies: new housing in suburbs and inner cities, the landscape of a small Vermont college and town, and the city of Havana.
Project: Cementing Inequality: Built environments of postwar metropolitan America.
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Francis Couvares, Amherst College 

Mary Geneva Booth
Bachelor of Arts
WRITING/Fiction & LITERATURE/Shakespeare
A study of Shakespeare through fiction writing, textual analysis, historical research, and film.
Project: A young adult novel starring a teenager who time-travels to the original production of Hamlet at The Globe playhouse.
Sponsors: T. Hunter Wilson, Brian Mooney, Paul Nelsen, Geraldine Pittman de Batlle
Outside Evaluator: Julia Perlowski, Folger Shakespeare Library

Hannah Ruth Brothers
Bachelor of Arts
DANCE/Choreography & Dance Ethnography
A choreographic and anthropological study of West African and contemporary American dance forms.
Project: A body of choreographic work.
Sponsors: Kristin Horrigan, Carol Hendrickson
Outside Evaluator: Angie Hauser, Smith College

Jacob Bruck        
Bachelor of Arts
An analysis of Japanese approaches to improvisation and their relation to contemporary performance.
Project: Aikido and Contact Improvisation: Mapping Spontaneity.
Sponsors: Kristin Horrigan, Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Dianne Clouet, independent artist

Leza Cantoral
Bachelor of Arts
Cultural study of the werewolf and the feminine in Little Red Riding Hood and the Twilight series.
Project: A study of rites of passage and the figure of the werewolf in Little Red Riding Hood and the absence of the feminine in Dracula, Frankenstein, and Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga.
Sponsors: Dana Howell, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Joanne Hayes, Greenfield Community College

Casey Lucille Chalbeck
Bachelor of Arts
ASIAN STUDIES/International Relations
An examination of the development and purposes of bilateral and multilateral institutions in managing tensions and advancing cooperation in strategic, economic, and energy components of U.S.–China relations.
Project: Power Revisions: How institutions are facilitating power transitions in U.S.–China relations.
Sponsor: Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Orion Lewis, Middlebury College

Gretchen Madelyne Chapman          
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the themes of community and isolation in 20th-century American literature, supported by a sculpture project articulating the same themes.
Project: An analysis of the role played by community in William Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha novels.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Gloria Biamonte, Timothy Segar
Outside Evaluator: Joanne Hayes, Greenfield Community College

Hannibal Cook
Bachelor of Arts
A study in literature and cultural history, focusing on Eastern Europe; an examination of the articulation of the past in works of Kis and Bulgakov, and through memorial space in Budapest.
Project: History and memory in the works of Danilo Kis.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, Dana Howell
Outside Evaluator: Laszlo Dienes, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ricardo Daniels
Bachelor of Arts
An inquiry into varied philosophical approaches to human flourishing.
Project: A study of human flourishing in Greek philosophy, with a focus on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.
Sponsors: William Edelglass, Amer Latif, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Etan Nasreddin-Longo, independent scholar

Nicholas Arthur Daou
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
POLITICS/Middle Eastern Studies
An analysis of Middle Eastern politics with special emphasis on the Arab Spring, the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict, and the Syrian Civil War.
Project: Generational Oppression.
Sponsors: Lynette Rummel, William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: John Ungerleider, School for International Training

Mairead Grace Delaney  
Bachelor of Arts
An examination of medical and institutionalized violence against Irish women through political theory and visual art.
Project: Operating Theatre, a gallery show.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Cathy Osman
Outside Evaluator: Faith Wilding, School of Art Institute of Chicago

Eric Raymond Dennis
Bachelor of Arts
Research into ecological concepts culminating in three related papers on forest fragmentation and the history of the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragmentation Project, the role of mycorrhizal fungi on biodiversity, and ecological restoration and sculpture in the light of symbiosis.
Project: Two papers on mycorrhizal fungi and forest fragmentation.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Timothy Segar
Outside Evaluator: Peter Palmiotto, Antioch University New England

Nora Anne Dunne
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the narrative structures of Marcel Proust and W.G. Sebald with a focus on themes of memory, time, and desire.
Project: Modernist Structure in Proust.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Catherine LeGouis, Mount Holyoke College 

Vivian Rose Gay
Bachelor of Arts
A written and artistic exploration of gender variance and gender non-conformity, trans/queer existence, and the future of a nurturing and inclusive trans/queer movement.
Project: Hand-bound and printed multimedia artist book, and other visual works: drawings, prints, and photography exploring gender.
Sponsors: Carol Hendrickson, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Jules Rosskam, Hampshire College 

Benjamin Michael Glatt
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
HISTORY/World History Curriculum
A two-year world history curriculum for high-school level education, with a rationale and evidence of practice teaching.
Project: World History Curriculum.
Sponsor: Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Ellen Lagermann, Bard College 

Zebulon Ulysses Goertzel
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of aesthetics, spiritual realization, and the nature of reality as expressed in the Gathas of Zarathustra and the life and works of Alexander Scriabin, featuring elements of film, music, translation, and philosophy.
Project: A film, "Scriabin and his Mystery."
Sponsors: Jay Craven, William Edelglass, Amer Latif, Matan Rubinstein
Outside Evaluator: Ted Lyman, University of Vermont

Samantha Clara Grayck
Bachelor of Arts
An examination of spatial and temporal shifts in narrative structure between Charles Dickens' Hard Times and Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway, and the relation of these shifts to World War I, in conjunction with a more experimental research-based piece considering issues of cultural industrialization and entrapment on the Western Front during World War I.
Project: Narrative and structural shifts in Dickens' Hard Times and Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, Dana Howell, Tim Little
Outside Evaluator: Michael Huffmaster, University of Puerto Rico

Adam Ezra Halwitz
Bachelor of Arts
A tracking of animal obsessions in works of philosophy, poetry, cultural theory, and psychology.
Project: A paper on animal obsession, with a focus on the work of Derrida, Deleuze and Guattari, and Freud.
Sponsors: William Edelglass, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: James Hatley, Salisbury College

Kara Helene Hamilton
Bachelor of Arts
AMERICAN STUDIES/Asian American Studies & WRITING/Radio Journalism
A study of contemporary Asian American activism focusing on Boston's Chinatown, explored through academic writing and original radio journalism.
Project: A radio documentary about Suzanne Lee's journey from community organizer to political candidate.
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, Carol Hendrickson, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Lili Kim, Hampshire College 

Chester Butler Harper
Bachelor of Arts
HISTORY/Intellectual History
An examination of the intellectual influences and trends in European military thought, from the military revolution to the early 19th century.
Project: l'Ordre Profond: The column in early modern military thought.
Sponsors: Adam Franklin-Lyons, Matthew Ollis
Outside Evaluator: James Ehrman, Norwich University

Justin Sean Harrison
Bachelor of Arts
FILM/VIDEO STUDIES/American and World Genre Cinema
A study of genre film and masculinity, focusing on the films of John Carpenter, Sam Peckinpah, Edgar Wright, and Wim Wenders.
Project: Run Into the Mystic Night: John Carpenter and Masculinity.
Sponsors: Jay Craven, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Glenn Kenny, chief film critic, MSN

Zoe Michel Holland        
Bachelor of Arts
VISUAL ARTS/Drawing, Sculpture, and Animation
A body of work reflecting paternal effects on the development of "self," incorporating animation, sculpture, painting, and drawing.
Project: Exhibition of animation and installation sculptures.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, Timothy Segar
Outside Evaluator: Sue Rees, Bennington College 

Richard Allen Iano
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the contentious history of pluralism in American history through illustrative examples of conflicted "native" attitudes towards the other, the struggle of outside groups to negotiate complex cultural spaces in hostile conditions, and the formation of allegiances for mutual benefit in a world of interconnected economic and demographic change.
Project: Nativism and Reform: American reactions to urban immigration at the turn of the century.
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Randall Knoper, University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Brett Bailey Iselin
Bachelor of Arts
RELIGION/Catholic Aesthetics & MUSIC/Contemporary Catholic Music
An analysis of Catholic conservative values in 20th-century music and art, focusing on the theological and practical foundations of a Catholic aesthetic.
Project: Beauty, Inspiration, and Wonder: The Catholic Aesthetic.
Sponsors: Amer Latif, Stan Charkey
Outside Evaluator: Etan Nasreddin-Longo, independent scholar 

Elisabeth Anne Joffe
Bachelor of Arts
A study of how tourism and development affect the sandy shore ecosystem on the Eastern Shore of Maryland through a paper and photography exhibit.
Project: The effects of tourism and development on the sandy shore ecosystem of Ocean City, Maryland.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Jaime Tanner, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Carol Berner, Smith College

Daniel Thomas Kalla
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate in Nonprofit Management & TESOL Certificate
LIBERAL STUDIES/Education & Prison Studies
An interdisciplinary examination of prisons, punishment, schools, and education, in the form of a prison studies and restorative justice curriculum and supplementary papers addressing punishment, prison statistics, synthetic thinking, and a language immersion education model.
Project: Prison and Restorative Justice Studies Curriculum.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Matthew Ollis, Katherine Rickenbacker
Outside Evaluator: Catherine Woolner, Amherst College

Anna Catherine Keefe
Bachelor of Arts
An investigation of diverse adaptations of selected Shakespeare plays including Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing, and Romeo and Juliet.
Project: An essay exploring screen adaptations of Shakespeare, especially Henry V.
Sponsor: Paul Nelsen
Outside Evaluator: Edward Isser, College of the Holy Cross

Patrick Albert Lancaster
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the tensions which emerge within the dominant structure of "artist" and "artwork," focusing specifically on theories surrounding authorship, materiality, and various modes of display through the use of photography.
Project: A mixed-media gallery show exploring the relationship between the role of the artist, meaning, and the "object."
Sponsors: John Willis, Dana Howell
Outside Evaluator: Jonathan Gitelson, Keene State College  

Alexander Louis LaSorte        
Bachelor of Science
A study of gene therapy, including a review paper on using gene therapy to treat a hereditary disease leading to blindness, and a self-designed laboratory experiment on the manipulation of plasmids as an analog for gene therapy.
Project: Plasmid engineering of fluorescent proteins as an analog for gene therapy.
Sponsors: Todd Smith, Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluator: Tenley C. Archer, Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Amee Renee LaTour
Bachelor of Arts
The development of a secular existential ethics employing concepts from Heidegger, Beauvoir, and Camus.
Project: A paper interpreting Heidegger's ontology of Dasein in Being and Time as a foundation for an existential ethics.
Sponsors: William Edelglass, Meg Mott
Outside Evaluator: Eric Nelson, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Emma Bayley Loftus
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate in Nonprofit Management
A discussion of considerations of public space in state-sponsored urban planning. Fieldwork from Cairo, Egypt, is drawn upon in an examination of the impact of commerce and consumer behavior in appropriations of space, and how such impacts were anticipated by planners of former Egyptian president Gamal Abdul Nasser's regime (1952-1970).
Project: A spatial analysis of Cairo's Tahrir Square as a site of nationalist practice during Gamal Abdul Nasser's presidency.
Sponsors: Felicity Ratté, Lynette Rummel, Dana Howell
Outside Evaluator: Nasser Rabbat, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kathryn Elizabeth Lyon
Bachelor of Science
An exploration of biomimicry and ecological design, combined with artwork that incorporates and challenges science and structure.
Project: Review of biomimicry and ecological design, with case studies.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Timothy Segar
Outside Evaluator: Jessica Cuni, Green Mountain College

Robert Patrick Magee
Bachelor of Arts
A study of how U.S. agricultural policy has encouraged farm growth and centralization over the past 80 years at the expense of a more diversified food economy.
Project: Interview-based study of local small farmers.
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, James Tober
Outside Evaluator: Vern Grubinger, University of Vermont

Malachy Noah Malloy
Bachelor of Science
A study of energy in the 21st century including the history and limitations of fossil fuels, and a discussion of alternative energy for the transitional era.
Project: A study of energy in the 21st century.
Sponsors: Todd Smith, Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluator: Stephen Roof, Hampshire College

Robyn Joy Manning-Samuels
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of moral development and vigilantism from psychological and literary perspectives, focusing especially on portrayals of justice in American popular culture.
Project: A paper describing the effects of violence on moral development using Batman and the Joker as case studies.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Linda Whiton, developmental consultant / photographer

Joshua Zane Patrick McAloon          
Bachelor of Arts
An analytical and visual interpretation of the role which postindustrial ruination plays in altering
America's social landscape.
Project: Photography exhibition addressing ruination in modernity.
Sponsors: John Willis, Dana Howell
Outside Evaluator: Thomas Young, Greenfield Community College

Emma Marie McCamant
Bachelor of Arts
BIOLOGY/Reproductive Biology
A review of the effects of endocrine disrupters on human reproductive health and an analysis of
patterns of female fertility in various countries around the world.
Project: A review of the effects of endocrine disrupters on reproductive health.
Sponsor: Jaime Tanner
Outside Evaluator: Laura Vandenberg, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Michael McIvor
Bachelor of Arts
An interdisciplinary exploration of the Abraham story in the Hebrew Bible.
Project: A paper exploring perspectives on Abraham's story with special emphasis on Rabbinic writings.
Sponsors: Amer Latif, Sean Harrigan, Cathy Osman
Outside Evaluator: Nathan Margalit, Mount Holyoke College

Ayla Rose Mullen
Bachelor of Arts
POLITICS/Environmental Political Thought & CERAMICS
An interdisciplinary study of ecological citizenship.
Project: An investigation of the challenges and rewards of ecological citizenship.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Martina Lantin
Outside Evaluator: Christie Herbert, Landmark College

James Alexander Muñoz
Bachelor of Arts
HISTORY/Latin-American Studies
An investigation into institutional morphology, focusing on colonial Mexican silver mining prior to the Spanish Empire's decline.
Project: Societal imperatives, knowledge, and the mining economy of colonial Mexico.
Sponsors: Rosario de Swanson, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Rick Lopez, Amherst College 

Bryon James Musante
Bachelor of Arts
BIOCHEMISTRY/Protein Engineering
An investigation into laboratory techniques for the genetic engineering of enzymes, the applications of these techniques to rational molecular design, and a laboratory project on site directed mutagenesis of human carbonic anhydrase II.
Project: Engineering human carbonic anhydrase II through site-directed mutagenesis to examine structure-function relationships.|
Sponsors: Todd Smith, Jaime Tanner
Outside Evaluator: Anthony Bishop, Amherst College

Elias Ohrstrom
Bachelors of Arts
A study on how memetics describes the interactions between different political ideologies and the success of liberal democracy.
Project: A paper on why democratic liberalism just might solve the master/slave dialectic.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Jaime Tanner
Outside Evaluator: Robert Engel, Marlboro College Emeritus

Pearse Saines Pinch
Bachelor of Arts
PHOTOGRAPHY/Cultural Studies
An examination of the emergence of travel photography from British landscape painting and the subsequent influence on the industry of tourism.
Project: An examination of visual-spatial practices that attempts to expose the agenda-driven arrangement of space in the service of the produced image.
Sponsors: John Willis, Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Jim Dow, Tufts University and The School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

John Clayton Rixey        
Bachelor of Arts
SOCIOLOGY/Nationalism and Globalization & LANGUAGES/Latin American Studies & Spanish
Between cultural homogenization and cultural heterogenization: globalization and nationalism in the contemporary world.
Project: Manu Chao: Una Figura Global.
Sponsors: Rosario de Swanson, Katherine Rickenbacker
Outside Evaluator: Patricia Gubitosi, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Jacob Ezra Roberts
Bachelor of Arts
A general study of computer science with a focus on algorithmic chess.
Project: A chess playing web application in the Go programming language.
Sponsor: Jim Mahoney
Outside Evaluator: Mark Francillon, consultant

Katharine Jean Roché-Sudar    
Bachelor of Arts
LITERATURE/Fairy Tales & DANCE/Choreography
A study of fairy tales with a focus on narrative through text and dance.
Project: Scraps: A retelling of the Norwegian fairy tale Tatterhood through dance.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, Kristin Horrigan
Outside Evaluator: Cynthia McLaughlin, independent artist

Sophia Gisele Romeri
Bachelor of Arts
A study of the relationships between flow, creativity, optimal performance, and happiness, explored in dance, writing, and Daoist philosophy.
Project: A study of flow, creativity, and optimal performance.
Sponsors: Kristin Horrigan, Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Melinda Buckwalter, Wesleyan University

Lucas James Rosenthal
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the concepts of power and betrayal in an adaptation and production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
Project: An adaptation of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, including both directing and acting in this production.
Sponsors: Brenda Foley, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Alexandra Picard, New England College

Elizabeth Catherine Rudegeair
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate in Nonprofit Management
POLITICS/Political Theory
An investigation of obstacles to and opportunities for political action, focusing on Oakland, California, and Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Project: Action, plurality, and the space of appearances: Shakespeare's Hamlet through the lens of Hannah Arent.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Bridget Hynes, University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Lindsey Grace Rundlett
Bachelor of Arts
A study of social, historical, and performative constructions of madness in the United States, with an emphasis on gender and the creation of unequal power-relationships in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.
Project: The politics of drug therapy in the domestic sphere.
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Lisa Sanders, Hampshire College 

Michael Campbell Schneeweis
Bachelor of Arts
CERAMICS/Sculpture & PHILOSOPHY/Buddhist Studies
A Plan of Concentration in ceramics and Buddhist studies.
Project: An exhibition of three-dimensional objects.
Sponsors: Martina Lantin, William Edelglass  
Outside Evaluator: Malcom Wright, ceramic artist 

Aaron Moray Schwartz
Bachelor of Arts
When necessity is the mother of invention: A dialogue on innovation in response to crisis.
Project: Patterns of technological change in response to changing social and economic conditions.
Sponsors: James Tober, Matthew Ollis, Katherine Rickenbacker
Outside Evaluator: Gerald Friedman, University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Andrew Christopher Shough  
Bachelor of Science
CHEMISTRY/Future Energy Systems
An exploration of the development of modern technology and its effect on possible future methods of energy production to sustain a rapidly changing civilization.
Project: Essays on future energy systems.
Sponsor: Todd Smith
Outside Evaluator: Brian Anderson, Keene State College 

Sarah Aiko Siebuhr        
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the War on Terror and the U.S. treatment of terrorism as practice, ideology, and aesthetic with a specific focus on the Abu Ghraib Prison.
Project: A paper exploring the War on Terror with a focus on the Abu Ghraib prison.
Sponsors: Katherine Rickenbacker, T. Hunter Wilson
Outside Evaluator: Cate Marvin, College of Staten Island–CUNY 

Michael Christopher Sirois      
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
LANGUAGES/Comparative Syntax and Historical Linguistics
A series of papers that employ and examine contemporary diachronic syntactic theory through case studies of Old, Middle, and Modern English; Prince Edward Island French; and a number of the older Germanic languages.
Project: On syntactic change in Prince Edward's Island French.
Sponsors: Grant Li, Emily Alling
Outside Evaluator: James Cathey, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Emma Katharine Thacker
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the charged intersections of memory, commemoration, race, and history in the United States, with a focus on selected novels by Faulkner and Morrison and media representations of the Civil Rights Movement.
Project: Representing the Past: Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, Gloria Biamonte, Geraldine Pittman de Batlle
Outside Evaluator: Jules Chametsky, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Anna Lucia Uihlein
Bachelor of Arts
ART HISTORY/American Studies/Dance Studies
A study of how femininity is constructed as a visual signifier in historical painting, print media, and dance.
Project: A comparative analysis of representations of female identity in Mannerism and Surrealism.
Sponsors: Felicity Ratté, Kristin Horrigan, Kathryn Ratcliff
Outside Evaluator: Sara Smith, interdisciplinary artist 

Kirsten Elizabeth Wiking        
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
A visual and analytical investigation of fantasy and feminine identity in contemporary Japanese culture.
Project: A sculptural installation that explores themes of fantasy and femininity.
Sponsors: Timothy Segar, Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Joseph Smith, Mount Holyoke College 

Alison Meilin Wu
Bachelor of Arts
BIOLOGY/Public Health & ASIAN STUDIES/Chinese Medicine
An investigation of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and acceptability of the HPV vaccine among young women in China with an emphasis on Chinese herbal medicine as one influencing factor.
Project: A study of the relationship between Chinese herbal medicine use and HPV vaccine acceptance among female college students.
Sponsors: Jaime Tanner, Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Susan Fetzer, University of New Hampshire 

Marcos Wu
Bachelor of Arts
RELIGION/Mormon Studies
A study of biblical hermeneutics pertaining to the early desert (Christian) fathers and the Latter-day Saint (Mormon) church.
Project: Discerning the influence of scripture within the "Sayings of the Desert Fathers."
Sponsors: Amer Latif, William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: David Klemm, University of Iowa 

Daniel Zagal                  
Bachelor of Science
CHEMISTRY/Pharmacognosy and Science Writing
Herbal medicine and cancer research: A study of the pharmacological properties of hops and stinging nettle.
Project: Scientific paper based on laboratory work: Pharmacognostical profiling of stinging nettle (Urtica dioica).
Sponsors: Todd Smith, Kyhl Lyndgaard
Outside Evaluator: Paul Baures, Keene State College