2015 Plans of Concentration

Thomas Paul Arsenault
Bachelor of Arts
POLITICS/Political Theory & DANCE/Improvisation
An exploration of how Benedict de Spinoza and movement practices reframe identity politics and activism.
Project: Spinoza and identity privilege/subordination.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Kristin Horrigan
Outside Evaluator: Casey Ford, University of Guelph

Adeline Sarah Banker-Johnson
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
An exploration of transformative approaches to social justice, with specific attention to trans/gender-based oppression, embodiments of citizenship, and the role of emotion in liberationist struggles.
Project: The 'Queer' movement and social change.
Sponsors: Katherine Fabel, Rosario de Swanson
Outside Evaluator: Leandra Smollin, Northeastern University

Max Grüninger Barksdale
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
POLITICS/European Union
A study of the European Union with a focus on the levels of integration, the EU's relationship with Germany, and the burgeoning role of the EU in the world at large.
Project: For better or for worse: Germany's European fate.
Sponsors: Lynette Rummel, Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Thomas Redden, Southern Vermont College

Mia Alison Bertelli
Bachelor of Arts
LIBERAL STUDIES/Aesthetics: Architecture, Music, and Craft Theory
A study of harmony through architecture, music, and craft theory, drawing on philosophy, architectural history, religious studies, craft theory, music theory, and field-based architectural research in Italy and Turkey to explore the essence of harmony and its implications.
Project: Harmony in built space: A study of sacred architecture and spatial configuration in Mantova, Italy, and Edirne, Turkey.
Sponsors: Felicity Ratté, Matan Rubinstein
Outside Evaluator: Walter Denny, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Anna J. Blackburn
Bachelor of Arts
A collection of poetry, entitled The Keeping House, an exploration in narrative consciousness through a collection of short fiction, and an essay on the travel poems of Elizabeth Bishop; supported by studies in literature.
Project: Poetry.
Sponsors: T. Hunter Wilson
Outside Evaluator: Alan Feldman, Framingham State University (emeritus)

Alexander Bobella
Bachelor of Arts
An examination of the spiritual nature of experience and daily manifestations of religion, utilizing the work of choreographer Deborah Hay.
Project: An exploration of the definitions, manifestations, and possibilities of spirituality in daily life.
Sponsors: Amer Latif, Kristin Horrigan
Outside Evaluator: Candice Salvers, Smith College

Amelia Bjelland Brown
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of Islam and Shariah with a focus on questions of beauty, human rights, and legal systems.
Project: Essay on Sharia law and the concept of beauty.
Sponsor: Lynette Rummel, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Geoffrey Bergen, World Bank consultant

Theresa Chockbengboun
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
BIOLOGY/Public Health
Public health field work projects in Southeast Asia examining water quality in rural Cambodian villages, patient satisfaction within a Health Promoting Hospital in Thailand, and the biology of infectious diseases.
Project: An investigation of factors influencing the quality of water from wells and biosand filters in Cambodian villages.
Sponsors: Jaime Tanner
Outside Evaluator: Margaret Henning, Keene State College

Amber Michelle Claxton
Bachelor of Arts
A study of the vocal communication of whales and its role in speciation, as well as a body of artwork exploring fantastical narrative by using constructed habitats and animal/human subjects.
Project: Whalespeak: Vocal communication in cetaceans and its role in speciation.
Sponsors: Jaime Tanner, Timothy Segar
Outside Evaluator: Jessica Cuni, Choate Rosemary Hall

Devin Cleary
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
LANGUAGES/German & LIBERAL STUDIES/Translation Studies
A study focused on a critical and constructive theory of translation and translations between German and English in a wide variety of genres.
Project: Translation portfolio with reflections.
Sponsors: William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: Michael Huffmaster, University of Puerto Rico

Natalie Fay Cohen
Bachelor of Arts
LITERATURE/Women's Studies
An exploration of abortion stigma in the United States through depictions of reproductive autonomy and coercion in novels, film, and television from 1930 to the present.
Project: An examination of abortion and gender violence in John Barth's The End of the Road.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Joanne Hayes, Greenfield Community College

Dillon A. Collins
Bachelor of Arts
A sociology paper calling for a ban on the use of corporal punishment on children in the United States and a novella that focuses on the attempt of a young scholar to define success for himself.
Project: Sociology of education paper.
Sponsors: Katherine Fabel, T. Hunter Wilson
Outside Evaluator: Amy Grillo, Mount Holyoke College

Nina Eslambolipour
Bachelor of Arts
A paper on Middle Eastern representation, and a body of art work inspired by the immigrant identity.
Project: A body of art works in two-dimensional form.
Sponsors: Cathy Osman, Megan Mitchell, Timothy Segar
Outside Evaluator: Gina Siepel, Amherst College

Victoria Rose Fura
Bachelor of Arts
LITERATURE/American Literature & GENDER STUDIES/War and Masculinity
An analysis of the genre of war literature, focusing especially on the work of Tim O'Brien, supported by the study of masculinity in literary and film representations of war.
Project: The progression of the war story in the fiction and nonfiction of Tim O'Brien.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Katherine Fabel
Outside Evaluator: Brian Castner, author

Saskia Giramma
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of representations of artificial intelligence through dramatic literature and film with a focus on design in performance.
Project: Theater production: Directing/designing R.U.R. by Karel Čapek.
Sponsors: Brenda Foley, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Vincent Ularich, Science Fiction Theater Company

Anna Evelyn Goren
Bachelor of Arts
MATHEMATICS/Geographical Information Sciences
A demonstration of mathematical competence through exams, a study of the worldwide and Indonesian coffee industries using Geographic Information Systems to create a variety of data visuals, an essay on remote sensing, and a web-based map of the Marlboro College trail system.
Project: An analysis of the worldwide coffee industry with a focus on Indonesia.
Sponsor: Matthew Ollis, Adam Franklin-Lyons
Outside Evaluator: Andy Anderson, Amherst College

Caitlin Ann Hargrove
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
An examination of how and why those who need mental health care the most in the United States go without, as well as why drugs are emphasized as the only legitimate form of treatment.
Project: Antidepressant advertising and implications for mental health treatment.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Katherine Fabel
Outside Evaluator: David Johnson, independent psychotherapist

Julian Christopher J. Harris
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of journalism through personal photographs taken in Morocco, with a written component consisting of a research and field-based case on government journalistic censorship in three different countries. Project: Moroccan journalism photography project exhibition.
Sponsors: John Willis, Lynette Rummel
Outside Evaluator: Jen Morris, Landmark College

Max Samuel Hatfield
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
An analysis of the social status and identity of indigenous Taiwanese tribes, both historical and contemporary, in light of their encounter with colonial powers, Christian churches, and broader Taiwanese society.
Project: Religion and identity in an Atayal village.
Sponsors: Seth Harter, Katherine Fabel
Outside Evaluator: Ginger Lin, Bennington College

Martha Ann Henzy
Bachelor of Arts
LITERATURE/Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Essays considering the representation of violence in Holocaust and genocide literature, with a focus in the ways writing may be fragmented to signify the lived experience of the witness.
Project: Loss of voice: Charlotte Delbo and writing silence.
Sponsors: Richard Glejzer, William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: Michael Bernard-Donals, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Louisa Stewart Jenness
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
LANGUAGES/Chinese & Arabic
A study of problems in translation using Chinese and Arabic.
Project: Translation of Chinese text.
Sponsors: Grant Li, Seth Harter, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Ling Zhao, Smith College

Danielle Marie Johnson
Bachelor of Science
CHEMISTRY/Cosmetic Science
A laboratory exploration of nail polish's chemical properties and the performance of commercial and self-designed formulas.
Project: Laboratory reformulation of less–toxic nail polish.
Sponsors: Todd Smith
Outside Evaluator: Susan Sutheimer, Green Mountain College

Mason Clark Jones
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
ASIAN STUDIES/Applied Linguistics
A study of English language policy in British India, Singapore, and Hong Kong, current global trends toward the dominant use of English as a lingua franca, and a collection of expository essays on personal experiences of these forces at work in Southeast Asia.
Project: The roots of English as the language of instruction in colonial India, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Sponsors: Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Steven Iams, SIT Graduate Institute

Rosie Becket Kahan
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate in Nonprofit Management & TESOL Certificate
An investigation of gender and femininity through a study of the implicit lessons taught in American ballet and a choreographic examination of feminine gender performance.
Project: Exploring the legacy of George Balanchine through historical analysis and interviews with dancers.
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, Kristin Horrigan
Outside Evaluator: Kate Tarlow, independent choreographer and author

Aidan Michael Keeva
Bachelor of Arts
A phenomenological investigation of perception, expression, and the lived body.
Project: Senses in translation.
Sponsors: William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: David Abram, Alliance for Wild Ethics

Erika Mushabac Klemperer
Bachelor of Arts
DANCE/Choreography & VISUAL ARTS/Sculpture
A study of humor found in Western culture though dance (choreography), visual art (sculpture), and gender, and a written exploration of Buster Keaton's stage persona through the lenses of gender and humor.
Project: A self-choreographed dance performance exploring the definition and boundaries of humor.
Sponsors: Kristin Horrigan, Timothy Segar
Outside Evaluator: Cynthia McLaughlin, Keene State College

Alysse Marie Knight
Bachelor of Arts
An examination of the role interpersonal relationships and heritage play in the conceptualization of identity including the history of self, crosscultural identity development, autobiographical accounts by second generation immigrants, and artistic visual interpretation.
Project: Literature review: theories of identity development.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Kyhl Lyndgaard, Cathy Osman
Outside Evaluator: Linda Whiton, independent psychologist

Eftihia Papaioannou Loupakis
Bachelor of Science
An analysis of suffering through the lens of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, as presented in Dostoevsky's work.
Project: Suffering, brotherhood, and repetition in The Brothers Karamazov.
Sponsors: Geraldine Pittman de Batlle, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Polina Barskova, Hampshire College

Phoebe Lumley
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the theme of family in American literature, combining literary criticism and a body of original fiction.
Project: A body of original fiction centered on the theme of family.
Sponsors: T. Hunter Wilson, Gloria Biamonte, John Sheehy
Outside Evaluator: Kathryn Kramer, Middlebury College

Clair Siobhan Maleney
Bachelor of Arts
Political and economic inequality: Limiting the immunity of sovereigns in international law and expanding the power of people through collective action.
Project: The history of head-of-state immunity and the development of jus cogens exceptions.
Sponsors: Lynette Rummel, Boukary Sawadogo
Outside Evaluator: Geoffrey Bergen, World Bank consultant

Elizaveta Mitrofanova
Bachelor of Science
Installations in fired and unfired clay exploring loss and time, in addition to field work and writing in biology focused on the symbiosis between legumes, rhizobia, and mycorrhizae.
Project: Clay sculpture and installation exploring concepts of loss, environment, and growth.
Sponsors: Megan Mitchell, Jennifer Ramstetter
Outside Evaluators: David Katz, Bennington College, and Robert Engel, ecologist

Randy Morantes
Bachelor of Arts
A technological analysis of the trajectories and dynamics of capitalist development.
Project: A consideration of how exponential technological change will affect the politics of the future.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, James Tober
Outside Evaluator: Scott McLean, Quinnipiac University

Jacob Bernstein Morely
Bachelor of Arts
An exploration of the philosophical, aesthetic, and cultural aspects of noise as an excess of information, through an interdisciplinary gallery show, a concert performance, creative work in varying media, and an essay.
Project: Gallery show on the concept of noise, curated in real time by the artist.
Sponsors: Jay Craven, Matan Rubinstein
Outside Evaluator: Catherine Siller, artist

Kendall Yarnell O'Connell
Bachelor of Arts
Ecological research on invasive plant species, in combination with essays on landscape in Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire and Cormac McCarthy's The Road and additional personal narrative.
Project: Literature review on invasive plants and Japanese knotweed eradication field study.
Sponsors: Jennifer Ramstetter, Kyhl Lyndgaard
Outside Evaluator: Laird Christensen, Green Mountain College

Dustin Richard Pawlow
Bachelor of Arts
PSYCHOLOGY/Narrative Therapy & PHILOSOPHY/Poststructuralism
Interfacing current practice in narrative therapy with the theoretical writings of Jacques Derrida related to self-writing.
Project: A study of Derrida's work, illuminating how the general condition of writing prohibits a stable conception of the self.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: Casey Ford, University of Guelph

Haley Rachel Peters
Bachelor of Arts
TESOL Certificate
An examination of themes of grief, mourning, and post-traumatic growth in 20th-century literature, focusing on work by William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf, and Toni Morrison, to be supported by original work in creative nonfiction.
Project: Mo(u)rning in Yoknapatawpha: Son-Rise in As I Lay Dying.
Sponsor: John Sheehy, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Joanne Hayes, Greenfield Community College

Nina Sophia Rodwin
Bachelor of Arts
A broad exploration of the relationship between technology and society in the US, from the late 19th century to the present, with an emphasis on issues of gender, class, and household technology.
Project: Hello world: Work, gender and socialization in telephone innovations, 1876-1940.
Sponsors: Kathryn Ratcliff, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: Anthony Gengarelly, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Maya Grace Rohr 
Bachelor of Arts
CERAMICS & LITERATURE/American Literature
A meditation on home, memory, and loss conducted through ceramic art and literary analysis, to include a body of functional ceramics and criticism of the work of Marilynne Robinson and others.
Project: Exhibition of functional ceramic objects.
Sponsors: John Sheehy, Gloria Biamonte, Megan Mitchell
Outside Evaluator: Mary Barringer, independent artist

Olivia Maria Schaaf
Bachelor of Arts
A study of Bertolt Brecht's theater theory and his work in translation through the specific lens of a production of his Weill/Hauptmann collaboration, Happy End.
Project: An adaptation and production of Brecht/Weill/Hauptmann's musical Happy End.
Sponsors: Brenda Foley, William Edelglass
Outside Evaluator: Elizabeth Daily, Plymouth State University

Zoe Kameron Schneider
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
ASIAN STUDIES/English Education in China
An analysis of educational reform in China with emphasis on exam fetishism.
Project: The necessity of school reform in China.
Sponsors: Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Steven Iams, SIT Graduate Institute

Peter Scibak
Bachelors of Arts
An exploration of theater as a response to social issues stemming from the Vietnam Conflict, with particular focus on the Bread and Puppet Theater Company.
Project: An adapted, directed, and staged production of Amlin Gray's How I Got That Story.
Sponsors: Brenda Foley
Outside Evaluator: Charlotte Meehan, Wheaton College

Nancy E. Son
Bachelor of Arts
POLITICS/Performance Studies
A study of the emotional literacy used in various feedback theories and how performance can strengthen individual agency and community.
Project: An embodiment of alienation and connection.
Sponsors: Meg Mott, Jean O'Hara
Outside Evaluator: Lise Sanders, Hampshire College

Maia Rae Talbot Holloway
Bachelor of Arts
PSYCHOLOGY/Nonverbal Communication & DANCE
An exploration of the perception and daily usage of nonverbal communication in social contexts and a body of choreographic work exploring communication through performance.
Project: Paper on nonverbal communication in social situations.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Kristin Horrigan
Outside Evaluator: Kate Morgan, independent choreographer/author

Claire Elizabeth Trail
Bachelor of Arts
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES/Sustainable Agriculture
An explanation of practices to create agricultural systems that do not degrade the soil and surrounding ecosystem, with an understanding of anthropocentric and environmental needs as equally important and interdependent.
Project: Agricultural sustainability for the 21st century.
Sponsor: Jennifer Ramstetter, Jaime Tanner
Outside Evaluator: Tatiana Schreiber, Keene State College

Courtney Elisabeth Varga
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
TESOL Certificate
ASIAN STUDIES/Social Justice and English Education in Asia
An examination on how a social justice framework can be incorporated into teaching English as a second language and the current approach to teaching English in Asia.
Project: Teaching English using a social justice framework.
Sponsors: Seth Harter
Outside Evaluator: Mary Cowhey, Jackson Street School

Chandra Lyn Wade
Bachelor of Arts
An investigation into the connection between embodied cognition, memory, and ritual.
Project: Embodied cognition: History and literature review.
Sponsors: Jaime Tanner, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Holly Taylor, Tufts University

Dakota Walsh
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate in Nonprofit Management
An exploration of early 19th-century New England material culture, focusing on female education and mourning imagery through the lens of schoolgirl needlework.
Project: Schoolgirl mourning pictures of the early 19th century.
Sponsors: Felicity Ratté, Kathryn Ratcliff, John Willis
Outside Evaluator: David Lazaro, Historic Deerfield

Travis Pierce Wilmot
Bachelor of Arts
A study of universality as posited in the fields of transpersonal psychology and comparative religion.
Project: Ken Wilber as a developmental theorist.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Amer Latif
Outside Evaluator: Karen Blanchard, SIT Graduate Institute

Ivy Christina Woodrow
Bachelor of Arts
A four-pronged study of bibliotherapy including a review of bibliotherapy implementations on college campuses, a study on Northeastern US college counselors’ familiarity and use of bibliotherapy, an analysis of memoir writing as bibliotherapy in Michael Ondaatje's Running in the Family, and a paper on Marlboro College's recent collaboration to incorporate bibliotherapy into student services.
Project: Psychologically-based essay that reviews and evaluates bibliotherapy implementations on college campuses.
Sponsors: Thomas Toleno, Gloria Biamonte
Outside Evaluator: Marianela Medrano, professional counselor