2015 Academic Prizes

The Rebecca Willow Prize, established in 2008 in memory of Rebecca Willow, class of 1995, is awarded to students whose presence bring personal integrity and kindness to the community and who unite an interest in human history and culture with a passion for the natural world: Claire Trail and Theresa Chockbengboun

The Sally and Valerio Montanari Theater Prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has made the greatest overall contribution to the pursuit of excellence in theater production: Saskia Giramma 

Roland W. Boyden Prize is given by the humanities faculty to students who have demonstrated excellence in the humanities. Roland Boyden was a founding faculty member of the college, acting president, dean, and trustee: Aidan Keeva and Martha Henzy  

The Audrey Alley Gorton Award, given in memory of Audrey Gorton, Marlboro alumna and member of the faculty for 33 years, to the student who best reflects the Gorton qualities of: passion for reading, an independence of critical judgment, fastidious attention to matters of style, and a gift for intelligent conversation: Tommy Arsenault

The Helen W. Clark Prize, awarded by the visual arts faculty for the best Plan of Concentration in the fine arts: Elizaveta Mitrofanova     

The Dr. Loren C. Bronsen Award for Excellence in Classics, established by the family of Loren Bronsen, class of 1973, to encourage undergraduate work in classics: Phoebe Okoomian and Pat Burgess

The Buck Turner Prize, awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in the natural sciences, who use interdisciplinary approaches, and who place their work in the context of larger questions:  Chandra Wade and Anna Goren

The Hilly van Loon Prize, established by the class of 2000 in honor of Hilly van Loon, Marlboro class of 1962 and staff member for 23 years, is given to seniors who best reflect Hilly’s wisdom, compassion, community involvement, quiet dedication to the spirit of Marlboro College, joy in writing, and celebration of life: Nancy Son and Anna Blackburn

The William Davisson Prize, created by the Town Meeting Selectboard and named in honor of Will Davisson, who served as a faculty member for 18 years and as a trustee for 22 years, is awarded to one or more students for extraordinary contributions to the Marlboro Community. Kendall O’Connell, Ivy Woodrow, and Laura (Rainbow) Stakiwicz

The Ryan Larsen Memorial Prize was established in 2006 in memory of Ryan Jeffrey Larsen, who felt transformed by the opportunities to learn and grow within the embrace of the Marlboro College community. It is awarded annually to juniors or seniors who best reflects Ryan's qualities of philosophical curiosity, creativity, compassion, and spiritual inquiry: Christian Lampart and Amelia Brown

The Robert E. Engel Award established in 2011 in honor of Bob Engel, Marlboro Faculty member for 36 years, is awarded to students who demonstrate Bob’s passion for the natural world and his keen powers of observation and inquiry as a natural historian: Elizaveta Mitrofanova and Megan Stypulkoski

The Jedediah Adam Leland Fels (JALF) Award, established in 2015 in memory of Jed (Adam) Fels, class of 1992, recognizes a second semester freshman or a sophomore who demonstrates a passion for the literary and/or dramatic arts and whose sense of humor and unique or even provocative community presence embodies the core values of the college: Emma Studebaker

The Freshman/Sophomore Essay Prize, given annually for the best essay written for a Marlboro course: Fiona Craig

The Robert H. MacArthur Prize was established in 1973 in memory of Robert MacArthur, class of 1951, and recently rededicated to Robert and also to John and to John and Robert’s parents, John and Olive MacArthur, who founded the science program at Marlboro College. The contest for the prize is in the form of a question or challenge offered to the entire student community: Malachie Reilly and John Ivers (tied for first place), Maya Rohr (third place), and Anna Blackburn (honorable mention).