Events Management

The Office of Events Management works with current students, staff, and faculty to plan excellent on campus events. We are here to help you clarify your event goals and schedule, decide on the most impactful dates, offer expertise and suggestions, and assist with service department needs. The office can help with:

  • Planning assistance in the earliest phase

  • Consultation on a built-out event plan

  • Assistance with logistics and services

  • Please read our full services document  for more details.
When should I definitely consult with the Events Management Office? When I...
  • am considering potential dates for an event

  • am planning a large event on campus

  • am sponsoring or co-sponsoring an external organization to come to campus

  • am planning to use an outside vendor for an aspect of my event

  • require guidance or have questions related to event planning or execution

  • have questions about requesting services/resources or spaces

Plan an Event

If you are new to event planning, or are planning a new-to-Marlboro event, please set up an appointment for a consultation. At your consultation we will help you to identify the best dates and venues for you event, as well as lead you through the logistics of your event plan. We can also help to identify the intended outcomes for your event, and talk about how you might measure event success.

Set up an appointment:

  • Email -
  • Call - 802-258-9231 or x.231 from on campus
  • Visit - the second office on the left, 1st floor, Admissions building (accessible)

Reserve a Space

The Events Management Office is responsible for booking all campus spaces for events. Rooms that need to be reserved for a regularly scheduled class or tutorial should be booked through the registrar. The registrar will plot all academic space for courses in the appropriate rooms at or around the start of classes each semester. NOTE: If you are booking space for an event that will occur during or very shortly after the start of classes, you may need to identify a backup location.

Faculty, staff, and students will use the same procedure for reserving spaces:

  1. Check Room Availability *

  2. Fill out the Space Reservation & Event Publicity Form

* If the desired room is in the following list, obtain permission from the designated contact:

  • Baber Painting (Upper): Amy Beecher
  • Baber Film/Video (Lower): Brad Heck
  • Campus Center: Liz Sisk
  • Dining Hall: Liz Sisk
  • Drury: Amy Beecher
  • Library 209: Beth Ruane
  • Library Reading Room: Beth Ruane
  • Library Reference Room: Beth Ruane
  • Library Research Bar: Beth Ruane
  • Persons: Dan Cotter/Adam Katrick
  • Ragle: Matan Rubinstein
  • Serkin Dance Studio: Kristin Horrigan
  • Snyder Art Center: Amy Beecher
  • Total Health Center: Christine Shepard
  • Whittemore: Jean O'Hara
  • Woodard: John Willis

Once you have gained permission for the space (if required), forward the email from the point person for the space confirming your use to the events manager at Then, proceed with filling out the space reservation form (above).

Things to note:

Rooms that are not needed should be canceled by the requester in an email to the events manager so that the space is made available to others. If the requester made the reservation through the registrar, the cancellation should be made there as well.

In the event a Marlboro College community member requires a specific room for an important event and the room has already been previously booked by someone else, it will be up to the community member needing the room to work out mutually-acceptable arrangements with the original party and to let the events manager (or registrar for courses) know, in writing, if a change of rooms occurs. It is not the responsibility of the events manager or registrar to negotiate special arrangements between parties.

In all cases, the individual or group using the space will be responsible for cleaning the area as well as turning off the lights and locking the door. Thank you for your cooperation!

Request Catering

The Marlboro College kitchen and Metz are able to provide campus events with many delicious options to cater your event. If you would like help planning your menu, or have questions about what is possible and how much your vision would cost, please schedule a meeting with Liz Sisk -

Catering Request Timeline

Requests must be submitted by the following timeline to ensure that the catering team will have enough time to execute your request successfully:

  • 5 business days minimum notice for coffee and/or tea for 20 people or less

  • 1 week minimum notice for simple food requests such as coffee/tea with pasties and/or fruit - no hot or prepared foods

  • 2 weeks minimum notice for larger events such as anything for more than 20 people, with hot or prepared foods, or higher-end products

  • 4 weeks minimum notice (6 weeks preferred) for major events with multiple catering deliveries over the course of one or more days

To request catering, please fill out the Catering Request Form. Prior to filling out the request form, prepare the following:

  • Approximate number of guests

  • Any food allergies among guests or event staff/presenters

  • Location of catering delivery

  • Name of Department paying for the catering

Publicizing your Event

There are many ways to get the word out about your event. Please consider this in the initial planning phases of your event design. In addition to the methods below, you can post to the Marlboro College Facebook Group, make an announcement at Town Meeting, or make several announcements in the Dining Hall over lunch and dinner.

Publicity Request Timeline
  • Stall Street Journal: by 4pm Wednesday of the week prior to your event
  • Posters
    • Up to 20 color copies on printer paper: at least 2 weeks prior to the event
    • 100-200 copies on cardstock or thicker paper*: at least 3 weeks prior to the event
    • Large print jobs (200+ copies)*: at least 4 weeks prior to the event
  • Community Calendar Posting (internal) - ASAP or at least 3 weeks prior to the event
  • Calendar Posting (external) - ASAP or at least 3 weeks prior to the event
  • Press Release - at least 4 weeks prior to the event
  • Monthly Calendar - by mid month for the following month’s digest


For Stall Street Journal posts: Email Hannah Anderson with event details (name, date, time, location, and short description - possibly contact for questions)

For Community Calendar posts: If you would like to post to the internal Community Calendar, please email the events manager -

For poster requests: Email Richard Smith with event details (date, time, location, summary, bio of guest speakers, photo(s) or suggestions for photos). * For projects that need to be sent to an external printer, you will also need a departmental budget code to cover the printing costs.

For all other above requests: Submit event title and details (same list as for posters) via the Space Reservation and Event Publicity Form when you request your space. If you would like to add or edit anything, or submit photos for the post, please email

Other Helpful Resources

Request a Vehicle

You will need a van certified driver (someone who is 21+ and has passed the van certification test with enough time to get approved on the college’s insurance) and a faculty or staff sponsor to reserve a vehicle. For questions: email Kyle in Maintenance