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Volunteer Management

Workshop with Ariel Brooks about developing a solid volunteer management plan, part of the Management Ideas Exchange (MIX) series.

Volunteer more
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  • Nonprofit

Filling Your Workplace Needs

In this Management Ideas Exchange (MIX) workshop, learn about accessing low and no-cost worker options for to keep your non-profit afloat.

Find volunteers
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  • Nonprofit

News & Past Events

Wordpress for Beginners

Workshop with Marjorie Ray, part of the HOT (Hands On Tech) series.

Share Your Words
  • Graduate

Conflict Resolution

Workshop with Greg Hessel, part of the Board Leadership Institute.

Resolve it
  • Graduate

Telling Your Story

Workshop with Joe Heslin, part of the Board Leadership Institute

Advocate for your organization
  • Graduate

Going on a Mission: Prepping for Your Next Job

Workshop with Joe Heslin, part of the MIX (Management Ideas Exchange) series.

Market yourself
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  • MBA
  • Nonprofit

Potash Hill Wins CASE Award

Marlboro's alumni magazine recieve bronze award for "Best Writing," sharing podium with Brown and Tufts.

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