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NewsPress Release: 11/16/00Marlboro College Welcomes New Asian Studies Professor

MARLBORO, VT - Seth Harter joined Marlboro College this fall as the new Asian studies professor, a tenure-track position in the department of social sciences.

Harter first became interested in Asian studies after spending the summer of 1987 in Hong Kong. There he worked as a receptionist for a venture capital firm by day while teaching English in a Vietnamese refugee camp by night. After finishing his undergraduate studies at Yale University in 1989, he spent two years teaching English literature while learning Cantonese at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. He then went on to receive his M.A. from the University of Michigan. He has spent time in Guangzhou, China, doing archival research in city management and border control policies, and in the United States and Hanoi, Vietnam, studying Chinese emigration into Vietnam.

Harter, who says teaching gives him the opportunity to continue to learn, emphasizes student-centered goals and broad participation in class. He believes it is important to formulate certain learning goals from the beginning, keeping the classes on topic and to promoting a student-centered approach to education, an approach that closely resembles Marlboro's own educational goals.

Harter discovered the position at Marlboro while he was still living in Hanoi last January. "Coming to Marlboro has given me the flexibility to design a curriculum with fresh input from those outside of my field," he says.

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