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NewsPress Release: 10/25/00El Salvador in the Eye of the Beholder Presented at Marlboro College


MARLBORO, VT - November 1 to 21, Marlboro College presents El Salvador in the Eye of the Beholder in the College's Drury Gallery. In the Eye of the Beholder features photographs selected by the curator, Katy Lyle, from an archive of 80,000 negatives collected by the Salvadorian people to preserve and protect an accurate record of their lives. This phographic exhibition displays aesthetically compelling work that reveals the Salvadoran panorama from 1979 to the present in scenes of startling intimacy.

Katy Lyle first heard of the El Salvador Photo Archive in March 1989. For the next year, she examined the negatives, and collected information and anecdotes about the photographs as they were identified. "This is the creative output of a people struggling to survive, and demonstrating a powerful will to remain visible in a war waged largely through disappearance," said Lyle.

Described as "unique and uncommonly moving" by Vicki Goldberg of the New York Times, the exhibition includes a variety of poignant and through-provoking photographs depicting facets of life in El Salvador. The text accompanying the exhibition directly quotes prominent Salvadorans as well as peasants and students; like the photographs, the text documents the Salvadoran experience with a personal immediacy.

The gallery, which is fully accessible, is open from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday through Friday. This event is free and open to the public.

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