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NewsPress Release: 12/21/01Marlboro College Staff Member AppointedVice Chair of Vermont Board of Nursing

MARLBORO, VT - Linda Rice, an advanced practice nurse and Marlboro College's director of health services, has been appointed vice chair of the Vermont Board of Nursing.

A Vermont Board of Nursing member since June 1999, Rice says, "It's a great honor to be elected to this position by a panel of my respected peers. It's important that the nurses of Vermont are overseen and regulated by members of their own profession."

The purpose and mission of the Vermont Board of Nursing are to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public by monitoring and regulating the education and practice of nursing in Vermont as defined by state law and rules. The board also licenses nurses and nursing assistants, endorses advanced practice registered nurses, and is responsible for taking action against any nurse or nursing assistant who has been proven to have engaged in unauthorized, unprofessional, or incompetent practice as defined by state law and rules.

The Board, which meets monthly in Montpelier, consists of nine members ­ two who are public citizens with nonmedical affiliations and the other seven who are nurses representing various fields ­ school-nursing, rest-home care, hospital nursing, and advanced practice nursing. Rice is the third-longest running member of the board, aside from the former vice-chair and the current standing chair. She is also the only advanced practice nurse on the board.

Rice arrived at Marlboro in 1978, from Nantucket, Massachusetts, to serve part time as the on-campus registered nurse in exchange for free tuition, room, and board. She received her liberal arts degree in 1981, with a Plan of Concentration in health-care policy. After graduation, she continued her work in the health-care field at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

In 1986, Rice returned to Marlboro when the nursing position became a permanent staff position. She has been here ever since, except for a two-year sabbatical when she earned her nurse practitioner degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Rice received her nursing degree from the Presbyterian School of Nursing in Pennsylvania, and worked as a critical care nurse in Philadelphia, Boston, and Nantucket before relocating to Vermont.

More information about the Vermont Board of Nursing is available at (802) 828-2453 or Further information about Marlboro College is available at (802) 257-4333 or

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