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NewsPress Release: 2/15/2001Public Works Artist Ritsouko Taho to Lecture

MARLBORO, VT — Marlboro College announces a public lecture by installation and public works artist, Ritsouko Taho, Tuesday, February 20 at 4 p.m in the Appletree Building.

Taho currently teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is at work on projects in Amherst, Boston and Japan. An installation artist since the late 1970s, Taho has in the last decade become involved in both permanent and temporary artwork in the public arena, incorporating community participation as well as landscape components in urban environments. "I interpret both landscape and community as 'others'," says Taho. "My art is designed to make visible links and facilitate interactive relationships to them."

Taho's first large permanent commission, "Postutopia," was completed in 1994 in Japan, in collaboration with architects and civil engineers. Also in 1994, she collected 40,000 dreams from various ethnic groups in Atlanta, Georgia, and assembled "Dream Hands" with more than 200 volunteers throughout the city. Taho is currently working on a permanent work for Spectacle Island in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Appletree Building is fully accessible. For more information about this
or any other Marlboro College event, call (802) 257-4333 or go online to

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