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NewsPress Release: 7/15/02Marlboro College Prepares to Welcome Globally Conscious Class

MARLBORO, VT – A time of war and the events of Sept. 11 have not put fear into the hearts of incoming Marlboro College students. Instead, just the opposite may be true as the college prepares to welcome a class in which half of the students plan to focus studies on international issues.

According to Louise Zak, Associate Dean for International Studies, an all-time high of 45 incoming students, almost double last year's number, will participate in the school’s World Studies Program (WSP).

The Program is a four-year course of study integrating liberal arts learning with practical experience working in another culture. WSP students spend six to eight months abroad, functioning in a second language and working on an internship related to their Plan of Concentration, an in-depth, self-designed exploration of a field or fields of their own choosing. They receive a Bachelor of Arts or Science in International Studies and graduate with the combined advantages of a liberal arts education and an international resume.

Zak said faculty and staff were not surprised to see the increase in students with an interest in the World Studies Program. In fact, the college mission statement embraces "a global perspective" as fundamental to a solid liberal arts education.

And the increasing interest among students nationwide in study abroad is a trend that is reflected at Marlboro College, where study abroad numbers have tripled in the last five years, according to Zak.

Eighty-five percent of incoming students have also reported that they would like to include some form of international study in their academic work over the next four years, according to college officials.

“If anything, Sept. 11 has helped bring us to a higher level of global consciousness. Young people, in particular, are realizing the importance of getting a global perspective and making a positive difference in the world,” she said.

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