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NewsPress Release: 11/22/02

MARLBORO, VT ­ Armed with nearly $80,000, community and school support, professional actors and big dreams, a student film producer and crew are planning to take on Hollywood.

Marlboro College students have put a wrap this month on the filming of a feature length movie on 16 mm film that has become a campus wide project.

"It's a huge project, and an insane amount of work," student producer Matthew Temple said.

Image (caption at right) Geoff Eads '01 and Brad Heck '03 with camera equipment.

The film , Senses of Place, was written by Temple, a student at Marlboro. Originally, Temple wrote the script so he could act in the film. But, as the script became longer and the project bigger, Temple took the role of producer.

The film is the story of a young Vermont politician who is running for governor. After a primary victory his wife dies in a car accident, and he returns with his daughter to the family farm. While at the farm , he faces issues from his youth and his own loss. He uncovers what is truly important in his life and must decide whether he can stay true to himself if he returns to political life.

Senior Pat McMahill directs the film. Both McMahill and Temple are using the film as their Plan of Concentration. The Plan is a requirement of each Marlboro student their senior year.

Marlboro College Graduate Carrie Sterr is assistant director and co-writer.

Actors Henry David Clarke and Rusty Dewies discuss the script with Patrick McMahill '03.
Image (caption at left)

Jay Craven, the film and video professor at Marlboro, is faculty advisor to the film. There are also 26 Marlboro students participating in the film in areas from lighting to acting. The entire school is behind the production, even giving the project $2000 from the community account.

"Film schools don't allow it (this type of undergrad project). Marlboro did have reservations, but allowed me to do it," Temple said.

Craven encouraged and supported the film in many ways, according to Temple.

"Jay helped a lot. He said ‘call these people, and talk to these people.’ He was pretty blown away. I think he doubted me at first but gave me incredible support," Temple said.

The project is the product of many people's hard work. The original screenplay was very short. But, things changed. Temple showed the script to McMahill who expressed interest in working with the film. The script and project got bigger the more people he showed the screenplay.

Initially, Temple knew nothing about film production, but he knew he wanted to see the film be successful. He also had a director, assistant director and faculty advisor with a wide range of experience.

"Everything is on schedule," Temple said.

Temple has hired two professional actors, Rusty DeWees and David Storrs, with the remaining parts being filled by local actors and a student from Marlboro.

The equipment was rented and the filming was shot in various locations throughout Vermont. The crew often worked 12-hour days, including weekends that began at 6 a.m.

Temple plans to submit Senses of Place to film festivals throughout the United States including: Sundance, Vermont International Film Festival, Slamdunk, New England International Film Festival, Slamdance and Northampton Film Festival.

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