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MARLBORO, VT – More than $2,500 in medical supplies will make their way to the street children of India thanks to Marlboro College staff, faculty and students who were willing to shave their locks in the name of charity.

On April 22, members of the Marlboro community followed through on their promises to shave their hair to raise money for sophomore Noah Levinson’s work with the street children of India.

The quirky fundraiser, pegged “Hair to Help” involved the pledge of various staffers and faculty members to publicly shave everything from their heads to legs if they were able to collect enough pledge money to do so. Money was also raised to “buy back” hair for participants at risk of losing their lengthy locks.

According to Levinson, who earned $100 for shaving his own head, the unusual project brought in a grand total of $2,567.23. It cost Director of Psychological Services Nancy Pike her hair – something she said she was more than willing to let go of to support the project.

Pike was joined by a half dozen others who participated in the project, including a faculty member who was able to buy back her locks and a staff member who shaved her legs to raise funds.

Levinson has spent the past two years traveling around the streets of India and offering medical services to its street children. He has started up a mobile health clinic that brings medical supplies to children who would otherwise not have them and has raised more than $30,000 toward the project. He has hired a doctor and a nurse and bought a vehicle and medical supplies with that money.

The mobile health clinic provides medical treatment to about 650 street children outside of Calcutta. It provides monthly checkups, medicines, surgery, substance abuse treatment, and braces for the handicapped.

Money raised through the Hair for Help project will go toward the continued funding needed for the program.

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