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MARLBORO, VERMONT – Two new faculty members and a new fellow joined the ranks this year at Marlboro:

• Amer Latif joins the faculty in a tenure-track position. Latif teaches religion at the college.

Latif holds a PhD from Stony Brook with a focus on Islam. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Bard in physics and speaks, reads, and writes Arabic, Persian, Urdu-Hindi, and Punjabi. He also reads French.

Latif, who grew up in Pakistan, has studied Arabic and Sufism in practice in Pakistan, Turkey, and Syria.

On his appointment, Latif said he was attracted to the college because of his own experiences as a student in small liberal arts schools.
“I value the size of a small liberal arts school and think it lends itself to productive teaching,” he said. “I value the school’s size and teaching philosophies.”

Latif lives in Putney, VT.

• Jeannette Wicks-Lim also joins the faculty, teaching economics at the college. Wicks-Lim will spend the next two years teaching economics and replacing Jim Tober, who was recently named Dean of Faculty.

Wicks-Lim earned her social sciences from the University of Michigan's Residential College, which, as she put it, "emphasized interdisciplinary learning, self-direction, academic discipline, critical thinking, and strong mentorship."

Wicks-Lim, who hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is completing her economics Ph.D. dissertation at UMass on the impacts of minimum wage/living wage policies on labor markets.

She says she enjoys her work at Marlboro because it allows her to encourage critical thinking in students.

Describing Marlboro’s teaching philosophy as “unconventional with an emphasis on critical and independent thinking with an emphasis on effective communication through clear writing,” Wicks-Lim said she looks forward to developing strong mentoring relationships with students.

Her primary areas of teaching and research are the political economy of labor, gender, and race. She lives in Greenfield, Mass.


The Classics Fellow Program, started in 1963, annually brings to campus a recent Oxford University graduate.

This year, Marlboro also welcomes:

• Elizabeth Lucas, a recent Oxford graduate, joined the faculty this semester as the new Classics Fellow. Originally from Gloucester, England, Lucas is currently teaching courses on the Latin and Greek languages and a class on the literary translation of Homer‚s Illiade. Next semester Lucas plans to teach a course on Gender in the Ancient World. After her stay at Marlboro, Lucas plans
to continue traveling and eventually return to England.

Lucas is Marlboro's 27th Fellow.

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