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News Brooks Library to Host Premiere Screening of “What Revolution?” on May 1

Marlboro, VT – (4/17/2008) -- Marlboro College graduating senior Kelly Baur will premiere her senior Plan film, “What Revolution?” in a free, public screening at 7:00pm on Thursday, May 1 at the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro.

“What Revolution?” is a sixty-minute documentary that seeks to understand what happened to East Germany’s “peaceful revolution” – the anticipated changes after the fall of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War in 1989. These changes raised expectations for a new Germany, after the former communist state of East Germany was formally joined with capitalist West Germany. These expectations included hopes for political democracy and new economic opportunity—but the realities were, for many, quite unexpected. Instead of the promised “revolution,” many former East Germans, felt cut out of political processes, economically marginalized, and pressured by consumerist demands. Some even found themselves nostalgic for at least some aspects of their former lives.

baurFilmmaker Kelly Baur sets the stage for a detailed exploration of the former East Germany today, through documentary images of new construction, the 2007 G7 economic summit of major powers, and an auto rally and reunion for owners of the notorious but simple East German car, the Trabant. Baur’s film also features interviews with more than twenty Germans who provide a range of historical, political, and economic perspectives. Many of the former East Germans are quite direct in their assessment: “What revolution?” they ask.

Kelly Baur was first introduced to Germany as a high school exchange student. She speaks German fluently and made two trips there for filming. Baur will introduce her film and lead a post-screening discussion. Her film professor at Marlboro College, Jay Craven, will also attend and is helping to organize the Brooks Library screening.

“We know something of East Germany through what we’ve read,” said Craven, “and there were two recent and pretty good films, the compassionate and timely political thriller “The Lives of Others” and “Goodbye Lenin,” a comedy about an older East German woman whose family tries to prevent her from learning about the collapse of socialism—for fear that she won’t be able to adapt.

“Kelly’s film takes us deeper into the economic realities of that same world. In doing so, she explores a topic that has relevance to people everywhere today, as they grapple with the challenges of rising prices, scarce resources, rampant consumerism, and economic dislocation.”

For more information about the screening, contact Jay Craven at Marlboro College (802-258-9251 or

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