Incarcerating US

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 7:00pm118 Elliot Street

Screening and discussion by Richard Van Wickler

With 2.3 million people behind bars, the U.S. has the largest prison population in the history of the world. Incarcerating US is a feature-length documentary that exposes America’s prison problem and explores ways to unshackle the Land of the Free through vital criminal justice reforms. Through dramatic first-hand accounts, expert testimony, and shocking statistics, Incarcerating US asks fundamental questions about the prison system in America: What is the purpose of prison? Why did our prison population explode in the 1970s? What can make our justice system more just? Screening will be followed by a discussion of mass incarceration by Richard Van Wickler, superintendent of Cheshire County Correctional Facility (NH) and president of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). Presented as part of the Speech Matters film and speaker series.


  • Undergraduate