Financial Report

The college’s mission, to create independent thinkers who are able to broaden their intellectual horizons with the support of a close-knit community, is only possible through the generosity of our donors. Marlboro was the recipient of 2,366 gifts during the 2016 fiscal year, from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016. 

Total giving came to $3.4 million for FY ’16 and included a wide range of gifts, highlighting not only the generosity of our community but also the varied interests of our philanthropic friends. Marlboro was very fortunate to have exceeded our annual fund goal of $1.85 million, which is essential to our operating budget, by 8.5 percent. These unrestricted gifts to the college totaled $2 million, which goes directly to supporting student financial aid, programming, faculty and staff salaries, library acquisitions, technological equipment, and other everyday operations that keep the campuses working well. As of June 30 the college’s endowment stood at $35.6 million. 

Marlboro continues to operate on a lean budget, remaining vigilant about spending. This past year has been particularly challenging financially as expenses significantly exceeded revenues. This resulted from low enrollment, a decline in the market value of the endowment, and additional draws on the endowment to support operations and invest in the Renaissance Scholars program. Investing in academic and student life aspects of the college remain our highest priority, as these are at the heart of our mission. The generosity of our community of trustees, alumni, foundations, corporations, parents, friends, faculty, and staff keep the college strong.


A.D. Henderson Foundation - $50,000
To support the Center for New Leadership

Alexander Schneider Foundation - $10,000
To support the Luis C. Batlle Chair in Music

American Express Foundation - $25,000
To support the Center for New Leadership\

Davis Educational Foundation - $10,000
To support an undergraduate faculty retreat

Endeavor Foundation - $275,000
To support Marlboro’s strategic and presidential objectives

Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation - $17,318
To support the Harold Grinspoon Scholarship, the Center for New Leadership, and Marlboro's non-degree programs

The Agnes Lindsay Trust - $5,000
To fund an annual scholarship earmarked for students from rural New England communities

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations - $60,000
To incorporate citizenship and service into the curriculum

The Thomas Thompson Trust - $10,000
To support the Center for New Leadership

The Vermont Community Foundation - $5,000 and $250
To support the Center for New Leadership and our summer camp for nonprofit leaders

Windham Foundation - $10,000
To support the Center for New Leadership 

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