Music for a Sunday Afternoon: Walk on the Wild Side

Sunday, February 12, 2017 - 3:00pmRagle Hall, Serkin Center


Renowned pianist Tae Kim presents a program in memory of Lou Reed (1942-2016), including selections from Robert Schumann and Olivier Greif. Inspired by Reed's song "Walk on the wild side," this unconventional program offers Schumann's Op. 6 Davidsbündlertänze and Greif's Sonate No. 22 Les Plaisirs de Chérence. A Marlboro favorite, Tae Kim has gained widespread recognition as a classical pianist and improvisational artist. Hailed as a "highly skilled improviser" by the New York Times and "prickly and explosive" by the Montreal Gazette, Tae Kim's rare blend of rigorous execution and whimsical styling creates an interpretation of the classical repertoire all his own.

  • Undergraduate