A Journey to Aleppo

Friday, March 3, 2017 - 7:00pmRagle Hall, Serkin Center

Concert by No-land Bands

This performance by No-land Bands is a tribute to Aleppo, Syria, its people, and what has recently transpired in the region: sound and images come together to unfold the narrative of the city. Synchronized with music rooted in Syrian folk motifs and themes, the visual performance will unfold the story of war in five segments. Musicians will use excerpts from compositions by Sami Al-Shawwa—an influential figure in Arab world music—as a vehicle for improvisation in various parts of the performance. No-land Bands is a peace project with the goal of bringing awareness to the current crisis in the Middle East and refugee problems around the world—through music. It creates a collaborative platform for musicians with diverse musical backgrounds, giving a chance for new expressions of sound to emerge from blended cultures. "Journey to Aleppo" is their latest in a series of musical and visual performances that dissolves geographical and musical boundaries. Warning, the visual component of this presentation includes graphic images that may not be suitable for children or other people sensitive to such things.

  • Undergraduate