Scholarships at Marlboro 2016-17

Each year scholarships funded by generous donors recognize the unique gifts that students bring to the Marlboro College community. The profiles below are followed by a complete list of scholarship recipients for the 2016-17 academic year. 

“Marlboro is special to me for so many reasons, and I am grateful and proud to have received the Thomas Thompson Trust Scholarship,” said sophomore Sage Kampitsis (pictured right). Sage is interested in the study of non-traditional education focusing on social justice, how to teach about social issues and guide students to be activists. “I am passionate about the mix of education and social justice for numerous reasons,” said Sage, who has always been enthusiastic about learning and knowledge. “I'm committed to social justice because there are so many issues facing our world, and striving to create a world of equity is essential. I believe I can use teaching for social justice to fight education inequity, which will, in turn, educate students about social issues. It will also give them the tools to combat these issues on a micro- and macro-level, and inspire them to work for equity in whatever topic they are passionate about, creating a butterfly effect.” 

“The ability to focus my attention on subjects that inspire and motivate me to push my understanding of what it is to be human is simply phenomenal. Marlboro allows me to do this,” said senior Lysha Smith (pictured right), recipient of the Robert Sheldon Stainton Scholarship. “I am really honored to receive the scholarship,” said Lysha, who has been active on the Community Service Committee. “It is always validating and special to be recognized for your efforts, especially in the realm of community service, which is something that I take very seriously.” Lysha is focused on the study of sound, and how human experience is affected by it. “Music plays such a vital part of my life, and the way in which music and sound as a whole have shaped my world view is profound to say the least. I hope to become an increasingly adept artist capable of affecting others in a positive way through the employment of sound.”

“Receiving the Agnes Lindsay Trust Scholarship was a very happy surprise for me,” said Bridget Houston, a junior studying languages, medieval history, and Islamic studies. “I’m certainly honored to receive it, since there are so many special and deserving people at Marlboro.” Bridget has been taking Arabic and Latin at Marlboro for two years, and is especially interested in medieval translation culture. “Too often, European ancient or medieval history and Islamic history are studied separately from each other, in their own bubbles, and the enormous impact that Muslim civilization had on medieval Europe is ignored,” said Bridget. “The reintroduction of classical texts, which had been preserved in Arabic translations, into European society was one of the largest transfers of knowledge in history. It’s fun to look at the various points of contact between the Islamic world and Europe and especially fun to see the actual texts and the technical processes of translation that people went through.”

The George I. Alden Trust supports two scholarships given annually, one to an older student who has returned to school and the other to a student who shows promise of excellence in the natural sciences. Jennifer Hunt (older student)

The Robert Sheldon Stainton Scholarship is awarded annually to an upper-class student for academic achievement and community service. Lysha Smith

The Warren R. Sisson Scholarship is awarded annually to an upper-class student for academic achievement and community service. Krystal Graybeal

M. Brenn Greene Scholarships are awarded through the generosity of the late trustee, Brenn Greene. Solomon Botwick-Ries, Fiona Craig, Christopher Lamb

Thomas Thompson Trust Scholarships are awarded to full-time students for academic achievement who are Windham County residents. Spencer Knickerbocker, Sage Kampitsis

Christopher Boeth Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors whose Plans of Concentration are in the field of literature or writing, and who have demonstrated a gift for and an appreciation of the usage of language. Roan Lee-Plunkett, Tristan Rolfe, Pat Burgess, Samuel Amber

The Jean Crosby Markham Scholarship is given to a junior or senior who best exemplifies the grit and determination needed to complete his or her education. Hannah McGowan

Lillian Farber Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors whose Plans of Concentration demonstrate a passion for social justice. Trevor Asbury, Derek Tollefson

The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Scholarship is given annually to students from New England towns with populations of under 15,000. Bridget Houston

The Wolf Kahn Scholarship is awarded annually to juniors or seniors who demonstrate talent in the visual arts. Lauren Cook

The Windham Community Scholarships are awarded annually to freshmen or sophomores from Vermont who in the opinion of the faculty demonstrate exceptional potential for upper-level academic work. Two or more scholarships are awarded. Samuel Harrison, Hannah Crocker

The John Kenneth Galbraith Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who shows the promise of excellence in the fields of literature, economics, or social policy. Cait Mazzarella

Lucy DeLaurentis Scholarship is awarded to a student who has overcome personal health challenges to persist in studies at Marlboro College. The scholarship is a memorial to Lucy, a 2010 graduate, who, despite working through hospitalizations to complete her Plan, was a presence and force on the Marlboro campus and considered her time here the best years of her adult life. Kelsey Gateley

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