Possible Algeria

Friday, February 9, 2018 - 7:00pmRagle Hall, Serkin Center

Screening and discussion

Possible Algeria (L'Algerie du possible) recounts the life journey of anti-colonial activist Yves Mathieu, through the testimony of his former fellow combatants. Born in Algeria, Mathieu engaged in African independence movements and became the lawyer of Algeria’s Front de Liberation National (FLN). After Algeria’s independence, at a time when the new nation was called "a beacon to the Third World, Matthiew remained politically engaged, drafting the March Decrees on vacant properties and autogestion promulgated by the first president Ahmed Ben Bella in 1963. French director Viviane Candas, Matthieu's daughter, also revisits the uncertain conditions of her father’s death in 1966. A discussion with the director will follow the film. 

  • Undergraduate