Kate Schapira

Sunday, March 4, 2018 - 7:00pmAppletree


For Kate Schapira, poetic practice is a form of social engagement. While she seeks to write poetry that is "rigorously accountable" and "politically and ethically informed," the lecturer in English at Brown University aims for "illumination rather than transparency." Join Kate and some student writers from Marlboro College for a reading of their recent works. In addition to four collections of poetry, Kate has produced six chapbooks and published in numerous anthologies and journals. Some of her individual poems have appeared in Denver QuarterlyH_NGM_NNo Tell MotelTarpaulin SkyDrunken Boat, and an anthology from Stockport Flats called American Ghost: Poets on Life After Industry. She is curator of the Publicly Complex Reading Series in Providence, and serves as a Writer-in-the-Schools in Providence elementary schools.

  • Undergraduate