Experiential Sound Installation

Friday, April 20, 2018 - 5:00pmGander Building

Exhibit by Lysha Smith

As a part of his Plan of Concentration, Lysha Smith will present an immersive sound art installation featuring four separate spaces during the week of April 15-20. Each space presents the listener with an opportunity to engage with the medium of sound in different ways—with the goal of facilitating a sense of present moment awareness.

  • Space 1: "Perception" – The divide between what we see and hear
  • Space 2: "Affirmation Booth" – Endless I love you(s)
  • Space 3: "Passage" – Halls of Sound
  • SPace 4: "30 days in 20 Minutes" – Travel inside the mind

The installation is timed, lasting approximately 45 minutes, with small groups starting every half hour during the following periods: Sunday, April 15, 2–5pm; Monday, April 16, 6-8pm; Tuesday, April 17, 4-6pm; Wednesday, April 18, 11-1pm; Thursday, April 19: 5-7pm; Friday, April 20, 5-7pm. Please reserve your spot and arrive early!


  • Undergraduate