College Launches Postgraduate Fellowship Program

Marlboro College is pleased to announce the introduction of a new program for recent graduates, providing the opportunity for a select few to work for the college in a diversity of capacities for the next academic year. A program of Marlboro’s new Center for Experiential Learning and Global Engagement, these postgraduate fellowships will allow recent graduates to gain job skills and professional work experience while developing connections with a wide network of professionals.

“Marlboro prides itself in preparing students for a life of purpose, but the Postgraduate Fellowship program takes that preparation to a new level,” says Kate Trzaskos, director of experiential learning and career development. “It brings together an interdisciplinary cohort of recent graduates for an immersive project-based educational opportunity in which students gain professional work experience, are paired with a professional mentor, and explore new approaches to leadership.”

In partnership with Marlboro’s Center for New Leadership, fellows will participate in workshops and trainings that help them clarify personal purpose, develop practices to support work-life integration, and form a supportive community of practice. Through their training and experiences these graduates will learn to better align their work goals with their strengths and passions. Monthly meet-ups with mentors and participation in Southern Vermont Young Professionals events will augment development of professional goals, job skills, and future planning.

Marlboro has always relied on recent graduates as qualified candidates for several jobs on campus, most significantly on the admissions team, and several fellowships have recently been granted to recent grads in the visual arts to support those programs. This new program will codify that process and make fellowships available in areas ranging from the development office to the president’s office, and from tech support to the library.

“The Postgraduate Fellowship program will give recent graduates the unique opportunity to keep learning at Marlboro, this time directly from the many dedicated professional staff who support the academic community,” said Kate. “Fellows will gain an overview of a diverse range of leadership styles and techniques, and implement a project that builds on their professional interest and provides a benefit to the Marlboro community.” 

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