Maia Segura Joins Marlboro as Director of Alumni Engagement

When Maia Segura ’91 completed her Plan in international studies, political science, and sociology, focusing on the environmental movement in Tasmania, she could never have predicted the string of jobs that would one day bring her back to Marlboro College. Following on a dynamic career in the creative economy, ranging from Los Angeles to Seattle, Maia has now joined Marlboro as the new director of alumni engagement.

“We are so lucky to have Maia join our team at this moment, when our engagement of alumni is more crucial than ever,” said Rennie Washburn, director of advancement. “She brings unbridled energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. Having an alumna in this role is absolutely ideal.”

Co-founder of Penniless Projects, a marketing and communications firm now based in South Newfane, Vermont, Maia moved from Seattle to Vermont in early 2017 and reconnected with other local alumni. As a project manager, she also helped Marlboro College launch Branch Out, the new online platform linking alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the college to facilitate connections that build and enrich the community.

“My favorite part about Branch Out is how much it makes me fall in love with Marlboro College again,” says Maia. “I see this incredibly diverse and talented community where people are so passionate about whatever it is that they pursue. I’m super excited to continue connecting our people and building the community for the benefit of all of us.”


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