Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 3:00pmLatchis Theater, Brattleboro

Screening and discussion by Jay Craven

Based on the novel by Craig Nova, Wetware is Jay Craven’s new near-future film noir produced through the Movies from Marlboro program. Filmed in Brattleboro, Wetware is set in a near future where people down on their luck apply for genetic modifications to take on hard jobs in slaughterhouses, toxic cleanup, and deep sea mining—jobs that nobody wants to do. With business booming, programmers at Galapagos Wetware up the stakes by producing high-end prototypes, Jack and Kay, for more sensitive jobs like space travel, counterterrorism, and deep cover espionage. When Jack and Kay escape from the Galapagos labs, their creator scrambles to track his fugitive prototypes and makes a provocative discovery that will change everything. Followed by a discussion with director Jay Craven. Tickets $15 and $10 at the door or online at Kingdom County Productions. Tickets free at the door for Marlboro students, faculty, and staff, and all proceeds will support the participation of Marlboro film students in Jay's next production.

  • Undergraduate