Get Your Marlboro On

Responding to community suggestions about the needs of students, the campus store has reopened this year with new merchandise and a fresh face. In August Sophie Gorjance ’16 accepted the position of campus store manager, in addition to her work as library fellow. Sophie (pictured, right) brings renewed energy to the heart of campus, not only supplying the snacks and sundries that students most desire but also launching a new line of Marlboro-emblazoned merchandise. Community members are welcome to stop in, Monday through Friday, 12:30 to 5:30pm, or stock up on your Marlboro gear online at

Also at the Campus Center, the Potash Grill or “coffee shop” has reopened with a new menu and renewed enthusiasm for espresso drinks and deep-fried comfort food. Need a super sub “stat”? Does an espresso macchiato float your gondola? Fretting for fried mozzarella sticks?  Find hours and menu at

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