Upcoming Events

Alumni Meet-Up at McNeil's

Celebrate the new year with other Marlboro folk. 

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Wendell-Judd Cup

Join us for our annual cross-country ski event. All abilities and snowshoers also welcome.

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Winter Visit Days

Join us for a taste of what Marlboro College academics and community have to offer.

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News & Past Events

Rosario DeSwanson Publishes Book on Mexican Playwright

Spanish language and literature professor fills gap in scholarship, writing about Rosario Castellanos' plays.

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Marlboro Women Head to Montpelier

Sara Coffey '90 and Emilie Kornheiser '00 take Vermont are sworn in on January 9 as newly elected state representatives.

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John McGill ’17 Publishes Math Paper

The recent graduate coauthors a paper on combinatorics with math professor Matt Ollis, based on work performed while at Marlboro.

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Chris Lamb ’18 Awarded Philosophy Essay Prize

The recent graduate presented a paper based on his Plan work at International Association of Environmental Philosophy meeting in October, and was awarded the best graduate student essay prize.

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Narrative Shorts

Come see short films by 12 students in this festival of narrative shorts.

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