Upcoming Events

Criminal Justice Reform

Join us for this panel discussion by students in the Speech Matters semester intensive on criminal justice.

Be Just
  • Undergraduate

Race, Art, and Representation

Join Dr. Aneeka Henderson of Amherst College for a discussion of Dana Schutz's painting of Emmitt Till and the representation of race in the visual arts.

Censor less
  • Undergraduate

Thailand as a Key for Trump Administration's Agenda in Asia

Part of the lecture series in collaboration with Windham World Affairs Council, Pisan Manawapat will discuss international diplomacy from the point of view of an ambassador from Thailand.

Think globally
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate

Dances in the Rough

Enjoy dances conceived, choreographed, and performed by Marlboro's dance students.

Dance more
  • Undergraduate

The Final Reading

Beloved writing and literature teacher T. Hunter Wilson will share some of his poetry and prose before retiring from Marlboro College.

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  • Undergraduate

News & Past Events

Telling Fact from Fabrication

A recent article in the Brattleboro Reformer describes how Marlboro alumnus Michael Auerbach teaches high school students in his class to debunk faux facts.

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  • Undergraduate

Marlboro Remembers John MacArthur

The founding physics professor and teacher at Marlboro for more than 60 years, John MacArthur leaves behind a legacy of inquisitiveness, ingenuity, and resolve.

Learn more
  • Undergraduate

John Sheehy Shares Workshop Insights in Chronicle

Writing and literature professor John Sheehy describes his experiences in the Summer Writing Intensive geared toward bringing together veterans and civilians.

Write more
  • Undergraduate

A Journey to Aleppo

Join us for this concert by the No-land Bands project, bringing awareness to the current refugee crisis through music.

Dissolve boundaries
  • Undergraduate

Brother(hood) Dance!

Join us for this performance by the Brooklyn-based duo Brother(hood) Dance!, on themes of race, gender, and Afro-Neo-narratives.

Bring Clarity
  • Undergraduate