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Building Board Governance

Join Greg Hessel for this workshop on board roles and building board and executive director teamwork.

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Amy Beecher and David Eichelberger

Marlboro College's Drury Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of work by two new faculty in the visual art program, Amy Beecher, professor of painting, and David Eichelberger, visiting professor of ceramics. 

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An Ethics Toward Insectival Life

Philosophy scholar Casey Ford shares his views and the history of the human desire to instinctively and immediately kill, eradicate, and remove insects on sight.

Bugs as the other
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Witness to Change

Join senior Lysha Smith in a live audio-visual show, part of his Plan on mindfulness.

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Wine in the Wilderness

In this Plan performance of the play by Alice Childers, Saron Zewdie and friends reflect on black womanhood during the 1964 Harlem race riot.

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