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Music for a Sunday Afternoon: Tae Kim

Renowned pianist Tae Kim presents his program inspired by the late Lou Reed, "Walk on the Wild Side," featuring works by Schumann, Greif, and Dana Brayton.

Ring those bells
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Staging of an abridged version of feminist playwright Sarah Ruhl's play, part of senior Erin Huang-Shaffer's Plan in theater and dance.

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A Queer Journey

Come and take a trip down a queer rabbit hole to experience stories of struggle, silence, love, personal power, transformation, sensuality, and more.

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The Body Alone Listens (echoes, memories, associations)

This Plan show in music by Helen Pinch will include solo violin repertoire, original compositions, and improvisation with students and faculty.

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Wine in the Wilderness

In this Plan performance of the play by Alice Childers, Saron Zewdie and friends reflect on black womanhood during the 1964 Harlem race riot.

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Witness to Change

Join senior Lysha Smith in a live audio-visual show, part of his Plan on mindfulness.

Be aware
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Salmon is Everything

Reading of the community-collaborative play directed by theater professor Jean O'Hara, presented by Marlboro College in partnership with Vermont Performance Lab

Swim upstream
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News & Past Events

Specific Gravity

A solo exhibition of Samuel Rowlett's recent work, which explores various relationships and forces at work on the landscape and the genre of landscape painting.

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Music for a Sunday Afternoon

Marlboro welcomes a duo of fascinating figures from the New York City music scene, composer and percussionist Adam Rudolph and pianist Alexis Marcelo, in a concert of wild and wide-ranging music.

Sounds of the World
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  • Graduate

Marlboro Remembers Bob Engel

The biology professor emeritus who inspired a passion for nature, as a member of the faculty for 36 years and more, died on January 22.

A legacy in learning
  • Undergraduate

Music for A Sunday Afternoon

Marlboro faculty member Matan Rubinstein is joined by two master musicians for a concert of original works.

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Winter Visit Days

Join us for a taste of what Marlboro College academics and community have to offer.

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