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Open Residency Weekend

Join us for one of our graduate residency weekends, sit in on a class, share a meal, tour the campus, and see what our graduate programs in teaching and management could mean to you.

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Performing Arts + Social Practice

A talk by experimental dance-theater artist Cynthia Oliver, co-hosted by Marlboro College and Vermont Performance Lab.

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Students Anticipate Integration with Graduate Program

As Marlboro prepares for its first graduate residency weekend while the undergraduate program is in session, the weekend of April 8, senior Solomon Botwick-Ries reports on the work of the Integration Committee.

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Music for a Sunday Afternoon: Gili Sharett

The Israeli-born bassoonist will play a program of music for the bassoon.

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Music for a Sunday Afternoon: Paul Cohen and Nick Burns

Celebrated musicians will play a program of music by Beethoven, Brahms, and Thuile.

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Music for a Sunday Afternoon: Stan Charkey Tribute

A retrospective program of music by Stan Charkey, retiring Marlboro College professor of music. 

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