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Transfer Discovery Day

Join us for Marlboro's May Transfer Discover Day, an opportunity to find out if Marlboro's self-directed learning community would be the right change for you.

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Open Residency Weekend

Join us for one of our graduate residency weekends, sit in on a class, share a meal, tour the campus, and see what our graduate programs in teaching and management could mean to you.

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News & Past Events

Criminal Justice Reform

Join us for this panel discussion by students in the Speech Matters semester intensive on criminal justice.

Be Just
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Voices from the Inside

Join us for this reading of works by formerly incarcerated women who are becoming leaders in their community, part of the Speech Matters April event series.

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Marlboro Joins Equal Pay Compact

A project of the Vermont Commission on Women, the Vermont Equal Pay Compact solidifies Marlboro's commitment to helping to close the gender wage gap.

Pay equally
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Short Play Festival

Join us for three short plays directed by students Erin Huang-Shaffer, Matteo Lanzarotta, and Cary Russell.

Act up
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Walk with Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith

Join us in Boston for the award-winning documentary by alumnus Jesse Nesser, part of the Marlboro On the Road series.

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