World Studies

The World Studies Program (WSP) is a four-year course of study that integrates the best traditions of liberal arts learning and international studies with a six-to-eight-month working internship in a foreign culture. WSP students acquire the cultural framework, practical skills, intellectual tools, and methods necessary to analyze local and global developments against the backdrop of history and differing values and traditions. They acquire foreign language proficiency, develop skills in international project design, and gain first-hand experience living and working side-by-side with people of other cultures. 

WSP students graduate with the combined advantages of a liberal arts education and an international resumé—a head start in the world of international work. WSP students have interned in journalism, business, education, human rights, public policy, agriculture, epidemiology, ecotourism, relief work, gender studies, development, and scientific research. They have studied global issues from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives: anthropology, environmental studies, computer science, literature, history, sociology, political science, economics, chemistry, biology, and the arts. 

While the WSP program demands strong motivation on the part of its students. For those who rise to the challenge, the rewards are self-knowledge, confidence, and cross-cultural skills only the rarest undergraduates possess.

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