Organic Farm

Started as a student project in 2002, the organic farm at Marlboro College provides members of the community an opportunity to learn about vegetable gardening and literally reap the benefits. Located just south of the Persons' parking lot, the farm includes about 5,000 square feet of terraced gardens on a nice, south-facing slope, as well as a passive-solar greenhouse providing for year-round production. The greenhouse was designed by a student, as part of his Plan of Concentration, and built by the community using mostly sustainably harvested or recycled materials.

A large compost bin breaks down all the food and some paper waste from the dining hall into rich garden soil. Students and community members are encouraged to take part in farming activities in the spring and fall, including planting, weeding, landscaping, and harvesting on a regular basis as well as on "work days." Farm managers stay through the summer to keep the garden growing and harvest produce for community members. A "farm to fork" community dinner often welcomes back students and faculty in September.