Potash Grill

With a lofty view of Marlboro College's historic central campus, along with the loftiest caffè lattes this side of Brattleboro, Potash Grill is a favorite destination for both students on Plan and local community members eager for a nutritious bite to eat nearby. Newly renovated with the support of a generous local friend, this cozy cafe offers breakfast anytime, pizza made to order, scrumptious sandwiches, mouthwatering wraps, and a profoud variety of "deep-fried comforts." Locally-roasted, Mocha Joe's coffee is served to order, everything from your basic Americana to a soy-milk-maple-latte-with-an-extra-expresso-shot. Whether you are a student pondering the significance of epistemological solipsism at 11 pm or a local resident looking for an honest hamburger in the town's 40 square miles of woodlands and meadows, Potash Grill is your home-cooked-meal away from home.

The light and airy Campus Center that houses Potash Grill is used for many community events, such as a monthly lunch for seniors (not the graduating kind), in this case regaled by retired biology professor Bob Engel. It's a comfy place to eat, socialize, work, or play Mah Jong and Heroscape. There is high-speed wireless access and even an ATM machine. What next, a discotheque or a casino?

Potash Grill Hours

Every Day, 1–11 PM
Weekday Jiffy Java, 9-9:30 am

Contact: 258-9303
or like us on Facebook for updates

What's on the Menu?

Need a Breakfast Burrito to start your day off yummy? Does an Espresso Macchiato float your gondola? Do you have the jitters for Jalapeño Corn Fritters? Check out our marvelous menu.

Can't get there from here!

For people visiting Potash Grill from the greater community, follow South Road from Route 9 until just before it becomes dirt, turning right onto a paved road after the admissions building. You will go part way around the dining hall, a large, barn-like affair, just before turning left up the hill on a dirt road. Park in the lot on your right, walk right in, and feel at home.