See Yourself at Marlboro

The monthly residency retreats are a highlight of the Marlboro management programs. The residencies are an opportunity to meet in person with your colleagues and faculty for inspiring classes, great conversations, reflection time in nature, and community building.

A retreat environment

MBA student Amanda Mehegan says, "The residency weekend is filled with good friends, enlightening discussion, and moments of personal and professional discovery. With a wide variety of elective activities—canoeing, evening saunas, game nights, or peer-driven learning sessions—I feel the value of my experience in and out of the classroom. On Sunday, after classes conclude, I say goodbye to my classmates; I feel refreshed and ready to return to my daily life."Amanda's blog post

Fostering Community

MBA student Will Neff says, "I believe the Marlboro network will be with me far beyond my graduation, and in some ways, for the rest of my life. At Marlboro, I did not expect to find such a deep and loving community. I feel like I have developed an extended family that I reunite with once a month.” Read more about Will

Bring Your Learning to Work

"I came to Marlboro picturing what I could do after achieving my MBA," said Shavon Prophet. "What I did not anticipate was the almost immediate effect that my coursework had on my working life and career trajectory. I found myself suddenly equipped with the exact tools I needed to unify our team, clarify priorities and tasks, and accomplish our goals while creating a positive working environment."

Marlboro management students are working professionals with diverse backgrounds in business, nonprofit, and government. Our blended learning approach allows you to balance your work and studies with classes that are directly applicable to your job. What we learn on Sunday at the residency can be applied on Monday at work.


Building on Strengths

MSM student Alden Woodcock says, “The focus on leadership development was the first thing that really surprised me. I had not expected a degree program to focus so much on identifying and developing my strengths. I was also surprised by the level of dedication to fostering community in a distance-learning program. The network at Marlboro is unparalleled in my experience, and for that I’m truly grateful.” Read more about Alden

Professional Development

To broaden their exposure to a wide range of mission-driven organizations, students also have the opportunity to participate in the programs of Marlboro College’s Center for New Leadership. The Center for New Leadership is a vibrant hub for leadership education and nonprofit management training that works directly with nonprofit, government, and social enterprise organizations around New England.