After Marlboro

For her Capstone project, Sarah Pidgeon MBA '18 collaborated with the New York Department of Education to create online communities of practice to support environmental education in the New York school system. Since graduating in May 2018, she has been promoted to co-director of programs there.

“The Marlboro program changed my life," says Sarah. "The blend of personal leadership development, community building, and traditional management skills has left me feeling more confident and prepared than ever before.  I will continue to apply everything I have learned at Marlboro in my life and career."

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Emmet Dunbar '14

Director of Market Development, The Woodstone Company

"I feel I have grown more through this program than I have in decades. My Marlboro experience was about community and a love for doing what needs to be done to raise the bar in our communities, which we go home to after the residencies. I now have the knowledge needed to increase the availability of clean food products that are produced locally and distributed regionally, which would ultimately contribute to the good health of the people."

Alex Fischer '14

Founder, The Root Social Justice Center

“Is it possible to create business structures that invest in communities, in the earth and soil, and in returning wealth and resources to traditionally exploited communities? How is the world of business supporting and standing in solidarity with frontline communities organizing for a non-extractive and regenerative economy? Being a part of Marlboro’s MBA program gave me the opportunity to go deep with myself and those around me to answer these questions.”

Where our alumni are now

Christine Hazzard '13


"I am amazed at how many aspects of my graduate school experience I have been able to apply to my work. I looked for a school that would teach me the skills needed to run a nonprofit program with a business mind set. I have certainly gotten what I came for and then some. I know that without all of the real world projects that I worked on I would never have been offered my new job."