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On this page you will find an introduction to the Academic Affairs staff, the agendas, meeting times and members of the two committees the dean of faculty chairs, a schedule for full faculty meetings, town meetings. There is also a list of committee assignments for the faculty and academic affairs staff and a brief overview of faculty development resources and news of Marlboro's faculty. There is also a list of Faculty who have made formal requests for Sabbaticals and leaves for the next academic year (under Faculty Information)

Dean of Faculty and Graduate Education -

Richard Glejzer

The dean of faculty is the chief academic officer of the college and a member of the senior management team. Working with the president and members of senior management, the dean works to support and advance the academic program of the college. Working with the faculty the dean supports what they do, helps to create professional development opportunities, maintains and develops the curriculum, and supervises the review of faculty and the recruitment and retention of new faculty. The dean manages the instructional budget and supervises the Academic Affairs staff. The dean is also the representative for the academic program to the Board of Trustees.

Before becoming Marlboro's dean of faculty in 2010, Richard Glejzer taught at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois and College of Idaho in Caldwell, Idaho.  He received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Missouri at Columbia, and his research and teaching have focused on medieval literature, critical theory, and representations of trauma.

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