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Dedicated Hour

Dedicated Hour ensures weekly academic advising.

Dedicated Hour, which takes place each Wednesday from 2:30-3:20 pm, is a period of time set aside to facilitate academic advising. Aside from Plan workshops and Work Day, no academic courses or community events are held during this time.

As long as the time is utilized in a constructive manner, faculty and their advisees are free to use Dedicated Hour as they wish. Some advising groups meet all together each week to discuss a question or topic of their choosing, while other faculty choose to meet with students on an individual basis. Some groups use the time to take field trips or attend events. Faculty and their advisees are encouraged to make suggestions regarding the content and structure of their dedicated hour. For some potential topics, refer to the List of Topics for Advisors and Advisees. If you have questions regarding Dedicated Hour, direct them to the director of academic advising.


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