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Meeting Locations

Fall 2019 Dedicated Hour Locations

Faculty Name Location
Beecher, Amy Woodward Office
Heck, Brad Lower Baber
Edelglass, William Library 202
Foley, Brenda Whittemore Theater
Franklin-Lyons, Adam Library Research Bar
Girouard, Jennifer Dalrymple 34
Harter, Seth Dalrymple 21
Horrigan, Kristin Dance Seminar Room
Latif, Amer Library 202
Li, Grant Library 102
Eichelberger, David Ceramics Studio, Snyder
Mahoney, Jim Sci. 217
Mott, Meg Dalrymple 42
O’Hara, Jean Dalrymple 29A
Ollis, Matthew Sci. 217
Ramstetter, Jennifer Sci. 221
Ratcliff, Kate Dalrymple 33E
Ratte, Felicity Appletree Basement
Rubinstein, Matan Serkin
Salimbeni, Sara Sci. 217
Sargsyn, Nelli Dalrymple 38
Sheehy, John  Dalrymple 25
Smith, Todd Sci. 216
de Swanson, Rosario Dalrymple D13
Tanner, Jaime Sci. 221
Tate, Bronwen Dalrymple 23
Toleno, Tom Dalrymple 33W
Willis, John Snyder Critique Room


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)